Friday, September 21, 2007

small business idea

I have an idea for anyone who wants to start a small business in the Montgomery area. We need a collegiate sporting goods store. Just because we live in Alabama doesn't mean we are Auburn or Alabama fans. Granted, the majority of Alabama residents do root for one or the other, but there are other college teams represented in this state. The reason I bring this up is because I am a Georgia fan, and it is so difficult to find Georgia paraphernalia in this town! I know, I know - I can shop online. Here is my problem: I have purchased a total of 3 Georgia shirts online. One is a plain t-shirt that runs a little big, so I don't wear it very often because I look like I'm in my PJs or something. One is a really super cute brown & pink shirt, which shrunk "up", meaning it was too short for my waistline. I gave that one away. The third is a 3/4 sleeve shirt that says "I [heart] the bulldogs." Super cute. I put on this shirt this morning so I could support the dawgs at work today, and who wants to guess how short this shirt was when I put it on? It stopped ABOVE my belly button! What in the world? It was like the '80s midriff shirt fully revived. This is why I now hesitate to buy UGA shirts online - because I do not have a single success story from my past online t-shirt purchases.

So, in conclusion, if you are thinking of a small business to start up, please consider a store that sells not only AU/UA gear, but stuff pertaining to all college teams! Please!! I don't even mind if the majority of the stuff is AU/UA, considering that we are, in fact, in Alabama. But we "outsiders" need a place to shop!

P.S. I tried to find a funny pic to represent my '80s midriff look from this morning, but all of the "midriff" pics are scandalous. Oh well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

God bless America, land that I love.

In case you didn't realize what today is, it's September 11th. I know everyone has their own story about where they were when they found out that the tower was attacked, and we all had so many emotions that day, etc, etc. I will refrain from writing a super emotional post about all of that, because you can probably get that from anyone. Instead, I wanted to share with you some pictures from when I visited New York City in 1996. We went to the top of the World Trade Center, and I got several pics while up there. They are pretty poor quality, but I am so glad I have them. They help me remember that I visited a place that is now gone & will never be there again. They help me remember that thousands of people lost their lives only 5 years after I visited there. Hopefully they will help you remember the emotions you experienced that day. However, instead of being sad about what happened, let's celebrate the freedom we enjoy in America, and focus instead on what we can do to make this country even better.

Enjoy the pics!

Group pic at the top of the WTC - I'm on the bottom right (I really hope you're reading, Dinah!!):

Dinah Pigg, Todd Gilliland, and Melissa (McGuire) Logue at the top of the WTC:

I took this picture looking down out of a window of the tower:

Melissa with the other tower beside her:

View of NYC from the top of the WTC:

The twin towers from what is now Ground Zero:

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

anniversary trip

Baron took me to Callaway Gardens this past weekend. I'd never been before, so I was excited about the trip. And to add to the excitement, it was the Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival. I have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon! And I was already imagining the awesome pics I could bring back with me. :-)

So we got there Saturday afternoon & checked into our hotel. The room wasn't fancy by any means; it was a typical hotel room. Well...until I walked into the bathroom. Those of you who know Baron know that he is a tall man. So when I saw that the ceiling in the bathroom was only about a foot & a half above my head, I couldn't wait to see Baron step in. It was definitely a sight. (I did snag a couple of pics.)

The hot air balloon launch was set for 6:00. At about 5:00, they were making announcements that they would soon decide if the balloons would launch or not, due to the high winds. First of all, I was disappointed that there was a chance of the launch being cancelled. Secondly, I couldn't figure out why they were making a decision an hour before the scheduled launch. Oh well. Anyway, it was cancelled, so we were disappointed but looked forward to Sunday's launch.

So our package for the weekend included free breakfast Sunday & Monday mornings. Breakfast ended at 10:30, so Sunday morning, we both woke up a little before 9:00. We got down to the restaurant at 10:00 & stood at the hostess stand waiting for someone to seat us. Finally someone walked around the corner & asked if she could help us. We told her there were two of us (duh) and she looked at us confusingly. "Ok, breakfast is over at 10:30." To which Baron replied, "Yes, and it's 10:00." The lady insisted to us that it was 11:00. Uh, no, sorry. Baron pulled out his cell phone & showed her that it was only 10:00. She said his phone is wrong, it's 11:00, and we missed breakfast. Ok, I realize Callaway Gardens is in Georgia, which is on Eastern time, but when we got here, we checked our cell phones against the clock in the room & they matched. So we thought we WERE on Eastern time. Wait a we have been an hour behind the WHOLE time we've been here?! Wow, are we idiots. So of course I told Baron we needed to talk to a manager because it wasn't our fault we missed breakfast, and he asked me to complain because apparently between the two of us I'm the complainer, and I got them to switch our breakfast passes for brunch passes. Problem solved.

All in all, it was a great weekend. We didn't get to see any hot air balloons because of the wind, we were an hour behind for the first 19 hours of our trip, and there was nothing to do after 6:00 in the evening, but it was very relaxing and I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to Baron for planning a great weekend!

Here are some pics from the trip...