Tuesday, December 17, 2013

another kid had a birthday! queue the blog post!

Apparently, I have forgotten how to type.

Or maybe I have just become so accustomed to Instagram & Facebook - aka, the mini-blogs - that I just don't think about my real blog anymore. I was reading an article the other day about introverts (for some reason I have been seeing a lot of those lately; not sure why). As I was reading along, thinking "Oh, that is SO me!", I noticed one point made in the article; that introverts tend to constantly run an inner dialog (me) and enjoy writing (me). Except when I thought that to myself, I realized I hadn't written anything on my blog in a long time. Other than my last post, which was really a sad excuse for an update in my life. But it did kinda sorta get me caught up - in that you are all now aware that my daughter is three. So, having said that...

Tyson is ONE!!

Well, actually, he is now almost 14 months. But he did have his first birthday, and we did celebrate, and there were pictures. My nephew's birthday is on Halloween, just 2 days after Tyson's. So we celebrated the boys' 1st & 2nd birthdays together, with a Superhero party. Here are a few shots of the fun day! (That occurred almost 2 months ago...whatever.)

Happy 1st Birthday, Tyson!!