about the papyrus basket

~{the blog}~
You are probably wondering, "what's with the name?" Well...good question.

"The Papyrus Basket" references the story of Moses in Exodus 2, when his mother placed him in a papyrus basket and put him in the Nile. He was later discovered, raised, and in essence adopted by Pharaoh's daughter. And he grew up to be a pretty awesome dude, if I do say so myself. The significance of this story is that our daughter is adopted, just like Moses was, and we know that God has some pretty awesome plans for her too. Chances are she won't receive any commandments carved in stone or anything, but I just know in my heart that God will do some amazing things with her...and it all started with His adoption plan. And speaking of His adoption plan...even better news is that we are all adopted by God as His sons & daughters! Check it out over in Ephesians 1:4-5.

If you decide to actually sit a spell at The Papyrus Basket, you'll find that my posts are everywhere from serious to silly to simply stunning. {Ok not stunning. I just said that for the alliterative effect.} Please leave me {nice} comments to let me know you're reading!

~{the author}~

My name is Laura. I'm a wife to the most incredible husband in the world; mommy to the most beautiful daughter on earth; and servant of the most awesome God imaginable. I want to grow better at each of these roles every single day, and I constantly need help doing just that!

My husband & I discovered a scripture a long time ago that represents our lives in so many ways: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose. ~Romans 8:28. Our anniversary is 8/28. There is a big long sweet story about how my husband "discovered" this verse in relation to our anniversary, and God bringing us together. And everything we have been through in our marriage is such an example of the meaning of this verse. You can read about some of our stories here on my blog. I pray that through everything we endure in our lives, we will remember this promise from God.

Welcome to The Papyrus Basket. Thanks for stopping by, and please come back! And bring a friend!