Thursday, April 30, 2015

a year in review

Since it's been over a year since I last wrote, I will give you a quick recap. In the past year-ish, we:

1) Sold our house.

2) Moved in with friends because we didn't have a new house yet (Thank you, Martins!!!).

3) Bought a new house.

4) Made lots of changes to our new house.

5) Started a new "school" year for our kiddos at Mom's Day Out.

6) Welcomed new babies to our extended family & friends' families.

7) Experienced some things within our family that I hope & pray NEVER happen again.

8) Had some pretty significant family changes - both good & bad.

9) Hosted my extended family Christmas at our new house.

10) Celebrated our kiddos' birthdays in a much-scaled down fashion from previous years.

So...there you go! Our year in review. Hopefully I will write again soon, with more detail. I've got some things I've been thinking about that y'all should hear. :-)

Keep in touch!

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