Friday, January 25, 2013

still here!

Yes, I am still here. See, here's the thing: I have an active toddler and a newborn. So, blogging isn't a priority for me right now; survival is. And sleep. ;-) I know there are lots of mommies out there who blog consistently, but I am just not one of them! Anyway, I wanted to do a quick update on how things are going with Tyson.

He has a cardiologist here in town, and we have had 2 checkups with him so far. Both went really well. They did find a premature heartbeat during the first visit, and he had to wear a 24-hour heart monitor to determine how frequent those heartbeats were. They were happening often enough to warrant a new med, which would be his second heart-related medicine for us to administer. Fortunately at his next visit, there were no premature heartbeats, so the medicine is working! Other than that, everything heart-wise looks GREAT!

We did have to start him on Zantac for reflux, but that almost seems trivial considering he had heart surgery at 1 week old. ;-) Although it does mean we are administering 3 meds every day: one 3x per day & two 2x per day. It's a little annoying to remember that on top of everything else that comes with a baby, but we are blessed that meds are all we have to worry about right now.

He is gaining weight well. He will be 3 months old in 4 days, and he weighs 10lbs 11oz. He has also been approved to receive the Synagis injection to help prevent or reduce the severity of RSV. It is very expensive so insurance companies will only approve it for high-risk babies, and Tyson was approved to get the monthly injection throughout the cold/flu season. This is great news, considering how rampant RSV is right now in this area!

Here are a few pics of Tyson to show how much he's grown. Sorry this is short & sweet, but I've got 2 kids napping & things to do before they wake up! ;-)

 {the day we left Charleston, at 5 weeks old}

 {Merry Christmas! Natalie: 2 years 9 months; Tyson: almost 2 months}
 {Sorry, had to sneak in this pic of us because Natalie looks adorable here ;-)}
 {Roll Tide! National Champions!}
 {Showing off his scar}
 {He started smiling at about 2 1/2 months old}
{Natalie adores him & is such a good big sister!}