Tuesday, December 18, 2007

help a hospital in need!

Hey everybody~

My uncle lives in Americus, GA, and he sent the following e-mail to me. Please read this, visit the link, and vote for this hospital. And please vote as often as you can!! Thanks!


Our local hospital, Sumter Regional, was hit hard and declared a total loss. In the months since the tornado, we have limited medical services available as the hospital recovers. A long-term temporary hospital is now under construction and should open the next couple of months. That is a major step forward, but much remains to be done.

That’s where you can help.

Siemens Medical Solutions is giving away an MRI machine to the US hospital that receives the most online votes in a contest. Sumter Regional is among those contending. Having this machine free would be great help to SRH in getting back up to full function.

You may vote by visiting the web address given below. You are required to watch the SRH video to be able to vote (scroll down until you see it), but it only takes about 2 minutes. You may vote only once per day, but you may return to vote once each day.

I’m sure the other hospitals are deserving, too, but Sumter Regional is vital to the health of our community – both physically and economically. This is a quick and easy way that you may assist SRH and all of Sumter County in recovering from the tornado devastation.

Click Here to view the video & vote.

Monday, December 10, 2007

update w/ pics

I am going to copy Ashley's latest post format & give y'all a quick update & a few pics to represent what's been going with us.

1. Iron Bowl 2007 - friends came & brought their dogs to play. (Or in Brett & Judy's case, the dog they were sitting for the weekend.) Toby & Kirby played with each other ALL night, while Cha-cha sat at a distance & looked at them like they were crazy.

2. We finally got our Christmas tree up.

3. Lindsay, Robin, & I visited the Tacky Christmas House & it was tackier than ever. If you live in the Montgomery area & do not know about this house in Old Cloverdale, PLEASE come see me for directions so you can go visit it! I also managed to get a short video of the musical Christmas trees, complete with Lindsay clapping at the end. :-)

4. The baby shower for Emerson Mills went great!

5. We had the annual Vaughn Park Christmas party, and it was a blast. Unfortunately, all of my pics of the skit were HORRIBLE. So I'll just include a goofy pic of my dad instead. :-)

Enjoy the pics & video...

{sorry, I don't know how to rotate it!}

{bartender :-)}

{mom holding Braden Simpson}

{Ashley opening her bday gift from me}

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

where's my napkin?

Does anyone reading this think that it will be a problem that Toby ate a napkin tonight? It was soaked in vienna sausage juice, so I guess he thought it would taste good. I am interested to see how this comes out. {So to speak :-)}