Monday, December 10, 2007

update w/ pics

I am going to copy Ashley's latest post format & give y'all a quick update & a few pics to represent what's been going with us.

1. Iron Bowl 2007 - friends came & brought their dogs to play. (Or in Brett & Judy's case, the dog they were sitting for the weekend.) Toby & Kirby played with each other ALL night, while Cha-cha sat at a distance & looked at them like they were crazy.

2. We finally got our Christmas tree up.

3. Lindsay, Robin, & I visited the Tacky Christmas House & it was tackier than ever. If you live in the Montgomery area & do not know about this house in Old Cloverdale, PLEASE come see me for directions so you can go visit it! I also managed to get a short video of the musical Christmas trees, complete with Lindsay clapping at the end. :-)

4. The baby shower for Emerson Mills went great!

5. We had the annual Vaughn Park Christmas party, and it was a blast. Unfortunately, all of my pics of the skit were HORRIBLE. So I'll just include a goofy pic of my dad instead. :-)

Enjoy the pics & video...

{sorry, I don't know how to rotate it!}

{bartender :-)}

{mom holding Braden Simpson}

{Ashley opening her bday gift from me}


  1. I need directions to the tacky house!! The skit was so funny last night!!!

    Is that mall madness??? If so that was my reaction when I saw it on the shelf. I LOVED that game!!!

  2. Good pictures. Your dad was great in the play. That baby sure is good looking...

  3. Brooke - I will e-mail you directions, and yes that is Mall Madness!! :-)

    Kenny - yes, that baby is VERY good looking. :-)

  4. my favorite events in december probably. baby shower, off the hook ( like we knew it would be ) tacky christmas lights, you never let us down and somehow keep surpring us, the play, total awesomeness. oh...and mall madness, the

  5. Is there a rule that you have to wear tack pajamas to view the tacky lights? My picture is NOT goofy! A star HAS to practice being in the spotlight. I agree with everyone else--that is a great looking babe. And so is the infant she is holding.

  6. love your tree. its so purdy. I literally look like I'm ab to wet my pants in that pic. I probably did. wait...

  7. Explain the game...I've never heard of it, and I was leaving the shower as Ashley was opening the present. She was pretty excited!

    The skit was hilarious. Avery said, "Mr. Roxy is sleeping.." at one point..funny stuff.