Monday, April 30, 2007

WHERE is my GUM?!

I have had a favorite gum for several years. Actually, I think it stems from my childhood days, as I remember my mother carrying the very same type of gum in her purse when we were kids. My absolute all-time favorite gum EVER is Trident cinnamon. And I don't mean Trident White, or Trident Supafly or any other of those fancy gums that everyone makes nowadays. Just regular old Trident. The kind that comes with 18 medium-sized sticks in a pack. In cinnamon, of course, because cinnamon is the best gum flavor ever.

For the past few years, I have been purchasing this staple from Sam's Club in bulk. If you buy gum in bulk, you are more likely to share with others, which makes people happy. I like to make people happy. Well, the past several times I've been to Sam's, I couldn't find my gum, so I settled for either Trident White in cinnamon or regular Trident in spearmint. I do NOT like the blue flavor. I don't like peppermint gum. It's just weird. Anyway, so I keep checking the shelves at Sam's for them to restock the Trident cinnamon Val-U pack. In discouragement, I started checking the checkout lines at Wal-Mart, frantically searching for my gum. Where is it? Why has everyone run out of my gum?

Well, after some research on the ever-so-reliable and always truthful internet, I found out that Trident is discontinuing this gum. Tragedy has ensued. What will I do? I can't just find a new favorite gum. I've been chewing this gum forever. (And yes, I have tried other gums. I'm not a recluse.) So the best thing I could think of was to write a letter. When something in corporate America bothers me, I say something. I call Sonic HQ when I have bad service. I contact Coca-Cola when I get an expired can from a drink machine. I let McDonald's know when their location on Taylor Road has the worst service possible at any fast food restaurant (yes, I'm still bitter about that one). Anyway, so I sent a letter to the makers of Trident. I let them know how disappointed I am that they are discontinuing my gum. Sometimes when you politely complain to companies, they send you free stuff. So if anyone from Trident is reading this, please feel free to send me some free cinnamon Trident in the Val-U pack!!

And please, all of you loyal readers (insert witty joke here about "all two of you") - if you see cinnamon Trident in the Val-U pack, PLEASE let me know where I can find it! There have to be a few packs still floating around out there. I found it on Amazon in the 5-stick packs, but come on. 5 sticks? That won't last me a week. PLEASE HELP!!!


  1. Trident Supafly?!?! What kind of flavor would that be?? Cuz I wanna try some. ;)

  2. WHAT?!?! That is just SOO wrong!! Mama DID always have that!! Well, maybe that's why she's been having some other kind?? It's still just WRONG!! It's their signature line?!?! How can you do away with a signature item like that??

    (wow, that sounds like way more of a rant than I mean it to!!)

  3. tragedy strikes in so many ways...what is the world coming too?

    btw, I too wan try some of that Trident Supafly :)

  4. That "tragedy" label is pretty funny. I saw a Val-U pack at the Wal-marts in Wetumpka. It was under a stack of Cadbury's double chocolate bunnies. It is really hard to see. BTW, I knew a guy in high school who had a Trident Supafly. It was VERY fast.

  5. Baron, are you suddenly Chinese?