Sunday, May 20, 2007

my life in pictures

Ok, so I stole this from...well, pretty much everyone. So here goes.

Where I was born: Baptist South. Back then it didn't look as much like a hospital:

Where I live now: The Preferred Community (aka Prattville, AL). I'm not sure what this is even a picture of:

My name: Laura Goins. I look good for my age:

My grandmother: Beth Haupt. Obviously this is where I get my good looks:

Favorite food: macaroni & cheese. Although this plate doesn't look too appetizing:

Favorite Drink: If I'm being good, Diet Coke with lime. Mmmm...:

Favorite smell: fresh laundry. Not that I enjoy doing it, but it sure smells lovely:

Favorite song: I don't really have one. Sorry. But amazingly, there is still a picture for that answer:

Somewhere I've lived: Taylor Crossing Apartments.

Where I work: Colonial Insurance Agency. Apparently I commute to Wisconsin every day for work:

Where I would like to visit: Hawaii. This is me soaking in the sun:


  1. Let's be clear; that is the grandmother on your MOTHER'S side that has the beard!

  2. LOL...Roxy, that is one of the funniest blog comments ever.

  3. Does the Australian minister of foreign affairs live in Prattville?

  4. I believe he's the house real close to the pool, and the alligator farm

  5. That was one a fun blog to do. Looks like you had a good time with it.

  6. ha! roxy! you crack me up. where do you get the pics? do you google them? I dont understand...

  7. Yeah you just type your answer in google & post whatever comes up. You're supposed to do the first pic but I cheated on some of them & took the 3rd or 4th. I'm crazy like that.