Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ok, fine...50 things about me...

Thanks to Judy, you now get to read 50 things about me, in no particular order of importance or relevance.

1. I am writing this post while I'm at work.
2. Over the past several months, I have had a serious problem staying focused at work and at church.
3. I do not like my job anymore.
4. I want to have a baby but I don't think it's time yet, contrary to the popular belief of every single person I talk to every day.
5. I absolutely adore all of my friends' kids.
6. I have attended the same church my whole life.
7. I've never lived outside of Montgomery until last October when we moved to the Preferred Community of Prattville.
8. I desperately need a pedicure, and I plan to get one on my lunch break today.
9. I'm usually about 5 minutes late to work every morning, and I don't really care because no one ever says anything to me about it.
10. My new car, which we got in March, has been in the shop for a month. And surprisingly, it hasn't been that difficult for me & Baron to make transportation arrangements.
11. I love my circle of friends SO MUCH.
12. I desperately want a doggie right now.
13. If we got a dog that shedded all over the house, I would freak out from the fur everywhere because I crave a clean house even though I hate cleaning.
14. I am very cold natured.
15. Right now, my favorite color is green, but that changes quite often.
16. I don't keep in touch with people very well after they move away, and I hate that about myself.
17. I have a purple birthmark that runs from the small of my back all the way down my left leg, to my pinkie toe. I have always been very embarassed by it. I even wore jeans to Six Flags when I was in 6th grade because of it.
18. I lost 5 pounds just by switching to diet drinks instead of regular.
19. I still probably weigh more than you think I do.
20. I do NOT weigh what my driver's license says I do.
21. When I was little, I busted my chin on the sidewalk when my toy baby carriage hit a bump & I flew over it. I didn't get stiches, but I still have a scar.
22. I am deathly afraid of needles. I have passed out two and a half times because of this fear. (The half meaning I almost passed out.) PLEASE do not beg me to give blood.
23. I drink V8 juice. And not the fancy V8 splash, either. The hardcore stuff.
24. I think my husband is the hottest man I've ever seen.
25. It breaks my heart to think about what he went through in his previous marriage, but I know for a fact that it happened for a reason, and part of that reason is to help other people who are going through the same thing.
26. Over the past year, I have learned more about the power of prayer than in the previous 26 years of my life.
27. I love it when people tell me I look like my mother.
28. I think it's weird when people tell me that I look like my husband.
29. I think Bill Freeman looks like Michael Caine.
30. I despise divorce, even though my marriage is the result of one.
31. I should really be working right now.
32. My bathtub is not clean at the moment.
33. I sell bonds, but not the kind that most people are familiar with. I kind of like that no one really knows what I do.
34. In junior high, I took 3 years of art classes and I think I was pretty good. But I owe it all to my teacher, because I don't think I still have that talent.
35. I hate playing sports. Please don't ask me to play sports unless it is bowling.
36. Speaking of bowling, I have been involved in a lunch & bowl league off & on for the past 3 years. But I'm not really very good at it.
37. I am very shy, & sometimes I am intimidated by people for reasons I cannot figure out.
38. I absolutely HATE sarcasm. ("Are you picking up on my sarcasm? Cause I'm layin' it on pretty thick.")
39. Seriously, I should be working right now.
40. I didn't think I would enjoy this post because it doesn't have instructions like "favorite color", etc. But I'm actually enjoying it.
41. I was offered a position at work that pays more but I turned it down.
42. We are "almost" debt free. Stupid student loans.
43. I love to watch movies with my friends &/or my husband.
44. Once when I was little, I was a smart aleck while my dad was getting onto me & it made him laugh.
45. I love that my family is so sarcastic.
46. I love that everyone else loves my family.
47. Baron is "between jobs" and off work this week, & I am extremely jealous of him.
48. I don't clean my house very much. Or very thoroughly.
49. Despite the fact that it makes me feel like an extremely lazy couch potato, I don't exercise very often.
50. There are lots of things about my body that I hate, but I still think I am pretty. Sometimes.
51. I numbered these wrong when I was typing them, and I have 10 extra entries that I refuse to delete.
52. I am trying really hard to grow my hair out for Locks of Love, but it is VERY hot and it's testing my patience.
53. I despise negative attitudes, especially when they are portrayed by people who I have no choice about being around (i.e. co-workers), but I sometimes struggle with a negative attitude myself.
54. When I'm shopping, I will go to as many stores as I can to find the best price for whatever I am looking for.
55. I have no idea if people who commit suicide will go to heaven. And it's not my job to decide, either.
56. I hate it when people stereotype the Church of Christ, even if it is by members themselves.
57. I didn't have many school friends in high school. Most of my friends were at church, and that kinda made me a loser at school.
58. Yesterday, I watched the first half of the Lizzie McGuire Movie, an episode of Hannah Montana, and 2 episodes of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. And I enjoyed them all.
59. I've always had a thing for Hugh Grant, but when he was caught with that prostitute, I wouldn't admit it. Then I saw Music & Lyrics, and I'm back on the bandwagon.
60. I love roller coasters and fair rides. But since the age of about 24, I haven't been able to stomach many fair rides.

So there ya go. I have lots more about me that most of you probably don't know, but this will do for now. Baron, your turn.


  1. wow! that's a lot of stuff...I am a big fan of #24 :)

  2. so..i love these things because i get to learn and know more about you. after reading this i thought of something that i already knew, however it reminded me of it, you are an amazing person with the biggest heart. you are a wonderful sister-in-law and it made me smile to read this. thank you for keeping me bored from work ; ) i love you!

  3. Have you ever been to an Olympic mountain bike event? Did you pass out there? Shouldn't you be working? Never mind, you covered that one.

  4. Ummm... #58 would apply to me as well. I enjoy the Disney shows and movies. "That's so Raven" is one that I really enjoyed.

  5. YAY for #46! :)
    And I like 18 - 20, and refer back to the "I prefer not to answer that question right now"... episode of Friends moment in my life in the AL license bureau in January!

  6. Sorry you don't like your job anymore...that's no fun.

    It was good getting to learn more about you!

  7. One more...

    61. I love Friends and I have seen every episode.

    That one was for Judy & Brooke. :-)

  8. 62. You have seen every episode at least 3 times.

  9. hahaha roxy! laura, you think your husband is the best looking man? I thought it was Patrick Dempsey....