Saturday, July 28, 2007

first stuff

Thanks for the tag, Amanda! I'm jumping on the bandwagon...

First Memory: Hmmm...I don't remember stuff from when I was 2 or 3 like some people do, or at least I don't think I do. I remember when I was 4, riding my big wheel.

First Real Kiss: I was 17 (yes I was THAT old) and I'm not saying who it is because several of you know him. :-)

First Concert: Acappella. At Vaughn Park. I was in 6th grade.

First Love: First "love" = same as first kiss. First REAL love = Baron. (AWWWWW)

First Crush: This boy who was in 6th grade when I was in 4th. His name was Wes.

First Thing you Think of in the Morning: Can I hit snooze one more time??

First Book you remember loving: Goodnight Moon

First Question you'd ask in heaven: I think of stuff all the time that I'd like to ask, but when I get there, I'm pretty sure I'll be in too much awe to be asking questions.

First Best Friend: Kelly Turner & Hillary Pruitt

Last Time You Dressed Up: When I was in Mark & Lindsay's wedding.

Last Book You Read: Right now I'm reading The Dead Zone by Stephen King

Last CD You Bought: Uhhh....I don't know cause I don't really buy CDs anymore.

Last Time You Cried: Earlier this week.

Last Movie You Saw: Anaconda, earlier today, but not the whole thing.

Last Time You Told Someone You Love them: Earlier today, to Baron

Last Funny thing you did: I do so many funny things that I can't even think of one. :-)

Last Thing You watched on TV: Anaconda. But the last TV show I watched was The Dog Whisperer.

I hereby tag anyone reading this who hasn't done it yet...


  1. YES!! I made the list twice :)

  2. hahahaha....

    I saw anaconda on today and passed it up. How was that movie even made? And why does it keep coming back on?

    It's like a mixture of these movies.
    Dead Calm
    Deep Blue Sea


  3. You've got to tell us who the first kiss was! Promise we won't laugh....

  4. Laura's dad could tell you who the first kiss was. I can be bribed.

  5. I have a guess....was it Shane? Seems like you went somewhere together once???

    Roxy, does candy work as a deal maker?

  6. Candy is the ideal bargaining chip!

  7. Yes, it was Shane. Sorry dad, no candy for you!

  8. HA!! I was pretty sure that was the "first kiss", just not positively positive about it...

    You know a movie's bad when you and the people you're seeing the movie with start saying "bye, see ya in your next movie" to characters you KNOW are about 2 seconds from dieing...