Monday, May 26, 2008

Early last Thursday morning, Baron's stepdad, Spiro Drookas, passed away. Those of you who knew Spiro will agree that he is one of the kindest men around. We will miss him terribly, but he is now cancer-free and in the presence of his heavenly father. Thank you all so much for your prayers for the family. Please continue to pray for Jane as she adjusts to life as a widow. Pray for Spiro's daughters as they mourn, for the second time in their lives, the loss of a parent.

Below is a picture that represents one of Spiro's wonderful characteristics: his hospitality. Everyone was welcome at Spiro's house, even for a Y102 pool party! :-) I am blessed to have known Spiro, and I thank God that I have such great memories of him.

**Update: click here to visit the webpage dedicated to Spiro**


  1. I enjoyed getting to know Spiro (or Sbiro) as well. We swapped many hunting stories. It is amazing to become acquainted with someone past mid-life and then look through a photo album after their death. Think of all the lives he had lived that I never knew about and would have loved to ask him to share. Thanks to you and Baron for the great support to Jane, Brenda, and Connie. It was great of you to cancel your trip to Florida and never grumble about it or allow the attention to be on yourselves. Baron did a great job during the funeral as well. Who knew he had a suit? Jane is blessed to have two great adult children who married well to support her while she adjusts. I am very proud of how you filled your role so perfectly!

  2. I sure will miss him. He gave the best hugs.

  3. I'm sad for all of the loss and hurt his passing means, but am thankful, like you said, that it means he's cancer-free and with God now!!

    PS- that cement around the pool was SOO HOT!!