Thursday, September 25, 2008

product endorsement

I have discovered a new coffee creamer that is YUMMERS. It's International Delight white chocolate mudslide, and it is delicious! It's the closest thing I've tasted to my all-time favorite Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha. If you do decide to try this new creamer, try using some of it along with some French vanilla creamer. Coffee heaven, that's what it is.
Side note: I discovered this creamer in our kitchen at work. There were only a few little individual containers of it. I went online to try to find a link to use for this blog post, and I came across someone's review of the "limited edition" creamer...and their post was dated 12/2007. How old was that creamer I ingested this morning??? Yikes.


  1. No worries, that stuff has a shelf life of 68 years... :)

  2. Sounds good but I prefer my chocolate with the coffee on the side.

  3. oooo im gonna have to try some. ;) thanks for the educated recommendation.

  4. BREAKING NEWS... AP-Tuscaloosa

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  5. I really prefer Vaniia Chai, wonderful.

  6. In response to your comment on my blog--I am not very patriotic either. I kind of passively watched it. I am kind of apathetic about the whole political world. And I can't even describe to you how many White Chocolate Mochas I have made in my life.