Monday, November 02, 2009

butterflies in november

I bought some flowers toward the end of the summer. Four gorgeous red verbena plants. And, of course, they died. Well, they wilted beyond repair, anyway. I thought I did everything right. I didn't over water; I didn't underwater. I fertilized, but not too much. They got full sun, as required. But I have this gift for ruining plants.

So, when they were completely dead-looking, I cut them back. All but one of them, which was starting to bloom again. I treated all 4 of these plants the same way - same watering, same fertilizer, same soil, same sunlight. But 3 of them are gone & 1 is flourishing. I took this picture of it today at lunchtime. You may not be able to see it, but there is a butterfly enjoying my anomaly of a plant.

Why can't the other 3 look like this one???


  1. This needs to be a book title! Maybe Tata's life story that becomes a book and then a blockbuster movie?

  2. You have posted before of your love for dressing up at halloween...what were you and baron this year? You've made us wait long enough!

  3. Who are you, anonymous???

    We didn't dress up. I know, it's sad. We haven't dressed up in two years. Most of our friends who we used to dress up with have kids now, and they dress up their kids instead of themselves. And it's not much fun being the only adults dressed up. :) Good story.