Wednesday, November 10, 2010

easy peazy tabletop semi-makeover

So I was reading Ashley's post over at pure + lovely on putting colorful/textured backdrops on furniture. The whole time I was reading it, I was thinking about how we did that with Natalie's bookshelf in her room; painted the back in a different color from the rest of the case. And then, I got to the end of Ashley's post, where she references Dallas, a lovely side table with super cool grasscloth underneath the glass top. And it hit me...hey, I have a table with a glass top! We inherited this table from Baron's grandmother when she passed away last year. It's a gorgeous table & it's just the right height for an end table for our sofa. It does, however, lack a certain...pop. So when I was reading about lovely Dallas, I decided to do this little number on our table. I've been trying to add this robin's egg blue color to our living room in small doses. I already have a lot of color in this room, so I'm trying to be subtle. Anyway, I cut this fabric from some old curtains I was hanging onto for just such an occasion. I literally did this in 15 minutes! No, it's not spectacular. Yes, I will probably add to it or change it. {I do hope to paint the table in the near future.} But that's the beauty of it. It's a quick, simple upgrade that I can do NOW, and that can easily be changed or improved upon. Voila!


After, with some accessory changes, cause that's how I roll:

{keepin' it real with the baby junk on the lower level of the table...please excuse! ;) }


  1. I love love live it!!!! Come decorate my house please!!! -Lindsay

  2. That is too cute.

  3. sorry did not put name~amanda