Wednesday, December 01, 2010

christmas photo cards - because everybody's doing it!

So, now that we have a little one in our family, we feel the pressure to send out photo cards for Christmas. {Ok really we just want to show off how cute she is. Isn't that why everyone does photo cards anyway? :) } This is the first year we have done Christmas cards at all, much less photo cards. So of course we're going with the old tried and true Shutterfly! We have used Shutterfly before for photo books, and of course we love them. They have a KAZILLION designs to choose from, and of course I'm having a hard time choosing the one I want! I probably should get on that pretty soon since it is now DECEMBER. :) Anyway, not only do I love Shutterfly's holiday card designs, they are upping the ante and doing a Holiday Card Promotion: 50 free cards for blogging about it! Free? Yes please!

What's great about Shutterfly is that they have so many products to choose from. Here are a few of my favorite products that they offer:

So what are you waiting for? Go shop there now!

{And if you want to participate in the Holiday Card Promotion, click here!}


  1. Ok, I have done my blog post but I am confused on what to do next to get the 50 free cards. I posted on facebook too. Any suggestions?


  2. Click on the link in my post to submit your blog post. They will email you a promotion code to use. Then you will just do your cards & add the promo code to your order. FYI - the promo is good for cards on cardstock; not photo case that makes a difference. :)