Monday, January 23, 2012

the Natalie diaries...

So, I'm not sure I ever actually finished my writings about our adoption. Did I? I can't even remember. And I'm too lazy right now to go back & look. ;-) I also haven't written about Natalie in awhile. The truth is, as you mommies know, she is the very reason I haven't had time to write about her. :-) I was reminded yesterday by my MIL that I need to be writing things down that Nat is doing, so that, years from now, I can look back & remember the little things. Because those are the things we tend to forget. Sitting up, walking, first words, etc...those things we remember. But the things I'm about to list here are things I just know I won't remember months from now, much less years from now. So, I'm going to try to be better about recording tidbits of Natalie's life here. Feel free to join me in reading about her mannerisms, or feel free to ignore this post. :-)

At 22 Months Old, Natalie:
Speaks in full sentences, even though it's mostly jibber jabber that we can't understand, with a few actual words mixed in.
Says so many words that I can't even count.
LOVES Elmo, Mickey, Minnie, puppies, kitties, balloons, bubbles, keys, & her blankey.
Calls her Mimi {my mom} by name, her Granmama {Baron's mom} by "Mama", her Paparoxy {my dad} by "Papa", Tata {my grandmother} by name, and Izzie {her cousin} by "Ishee".
Identifies family members in pictures.
Feeds herself with a spoon, if it's something like pasta that sticks easily to the spoon.
Goes to Mom's Day Out 3 days a week, naps for about an hour while there, and LOVES her class & teachers.
Is obsessed with coloring. And not just on the paper! :-/
Identifies when I point out to her the coloring on the table, and calls it a "no, no".
Can put on socks & shoes herself...not always on the right feet, but still.
Knows these animals & the sounds they make: cow, dog/puppy, kitty, chicken, pig, bird, owl, tiger {although sometimes it is also a kitty}, sheep, goat, horse, snake, frog.
Loves to play with her friends, even though she hasn't quite grasped the concept of sharing.
Likes to play on the keyboard at Granmama's house, and loves to dance along to music.
Dances in the kitchen with Mommy & Daddy when we play music on the iPod.
Puts her baby "night-night" in her stroller or crib, and covers her with a blanket.
Says "hey!" to strangers in stores.
Pronounces sock as "fock"; TV remote as "fifi mote"; coffee as "foffee"; blankey as "tackey" {or something of the like, I can't quite identify}; sorry as "fowwy".
Asks me "you ok?" every time I cough, and pats me on the back.
Says "oh, fowwy!" when she bumps into someone or even when she bumps into something herself.
Sometimes calls me "Mom" instead of "Mommy", thereby making me feel like I have a teenager instead of a toddler. :-/
Is such a good sleeper. She willingly goes to bed at night and sleeps about 10.5-11 hours, and typically takes about a 2 hour nap with no resistance. {SUCH a blessing!}
Likes to help with the laundry.
Loves her baby cousin London.
Wants a napkin to clean up when her milk splatters on the coffee table.
Blows her nose...into her hands.
Mimics. A lot. Both actions AND words, so "be careful little mouth what you say..." :-)
Likes to watch Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sid the Science Kid, Bubble Guppies., and Wipeout.
Has gone both tee-tee and poopie on the potty, although she doesn't do it regularly at all.
Cheered for me for going tee-tee on the potty in the restroom at church. :-)
Occasionally complains when I take her picture by whining. {Ok so maybe I take her picture too much.}
Loved to pass out the gifts at Christmas time.
Did not care much for Santa ("Tanta").
Is not a big fan of sitting in a high chair in a restaurant for an extended period of time.
Likes to eat: chicken nuggets, peas, apples, mandarin oranges, Cheerios (duh), fruit snacks, Snapea Crisps, chili, macaroni & cheese, french fries, sweet potato fries, hot dogs, sausage, pizza, crackers, chips, yogurt, Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal, cookies (duh), most of mommy's pasta casseroles, applesauce (mommy gets the kind with veggies mixed in!), steak (if it's tender), jelly beans, fish sticks.
Does NOT like to eat: scrambled eggs, bananas, bread, grilled chicken (sigh), carrots, broccoli, green beans, mashed potatoes.
Does this cute little almost-fake laugh where she snickers & covers her mouth.
Is petite, but looks huge to us because she's grown so fast. She is wearing size 24 months clothes.
Has the most awesome hair ever. It hangs to the middle of her back, and has a little wave to it. Mommy might be a little jealous of it. ;-)

I hope this is an adequate snapshot of her life right now. I can't write into words how incredible her personality is! She loves to laugh, loves people, and is thrilled to be able to play with other kids, especially bigger kids. She is a social butterfly, and adapts well to new situations like her new class at Mom's Day Out, and staying with a babysitter (other than family) for the first time at 21 months old.

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