Thursday, September 06, 2012

Pinterest idea: DONE.

I pin a LOT of ideas on Pinterest. [ If you don't believe me, go check me out: ] So whenever I actually accomplish a task or idea I've pinned, I feel like I should shout it from the rooftops. "HEY!! I actually DID this!!"

Yesterday, I saw this pin:

[ source ]

I didn't intend to go out & do it the NEXT DAY. But I found myself in Target, and I saw those placemats, and I just happened to notice the clearance price:

I couldn't resist, since they were on clearance. So I brought a few home & got to work. This is my fridge before. ICK.

 [ Yes, I have 2 pitchers of tea. I like tea. Leave me alone. ]
[ Milk crust. I hate milk crust. ]

I didn't want the mats sliding around, so I used this adhesive stuff to make them grippy on the bottom. This isn't great glue; it doesn't hold well & using the dispenser will nearly make you lose your religion. But it provided a bit of grip for my mats, so I'm thankful I held onto this useless piece of crap stuff.

And here is the made-over fridge! Tada!! The mats don't reach all the way to the back, but I don't care. The back of the fridge is no-man's land anyway. Scary stuff goes on back there.

Now that my fridge is prettier, maybe I will actually keep it tidy from now on! HA. ;-)


  1. pretty! I tried a recipe from Pinterest about a month ago and Josh LURVED it! He asks for it two days in a row. I'm looking forward to trying many more ideas. I think i like this better than the Glad Press-N-Seal idea too. =)

  2. Very Cute. I always get so excited and proud when I surf for inspiration and actually do something. I am finding myself cooking a lot more now :)

  3. We always have two pitchers of tea too! :) It IS the south! :)

    Looks good! I may have to try it out!