Thursday, April 20, 2006

mic check one...

Is anyone out there?

For a long time, I refused to get a blog because I was convinced I didn't have anything to say. If I did have something to say, it was easier just to post a comment on someone else's blog. But then I joined
Myspace, and for some reason I suddenly had interesting stories to share with the world via the web. So, like my fellow myspacers/bloggers Baron, Ashley, & Jamin, I decided to get a separate blog instead of using the myspace blog. Well, I can honestly say that I feel like my blog has been a flop. I don't feel like I ever have anything entertaining or interesting to talk about. On top of that, I rarely get comments, and when I do, they are from the 3 or 4 loyal readers I have who probably feel obligated because they are my friends (and my husband).

Please don't misunderstand this post. I am not looking for a pity party. What I am looking for is a roll call. If you are reading this blog, I am asking you to post a comment so that my blog-induced faux self-esteem can be boosted. Don't get me wrong - I do not confuse my blog world popularity (or lack thereof) with my approval rating in real life (unless you think I should - in which case, please just don't tell me).

Anyway, if you are reading this now, just give me a little "hi" or "present" or "here" in the comments section just so I can know if anyone even knows my blog exists. And if you are reading this and aren't a member of the Blogger, go ahead & sign up. No obligation. You don't even have to start a blog - it just gives you the right to post meaningless comments on other people's blogs.



  1. here.

    don't be discouraged by the lack of comments. i rarely got any either, and I sent an email to tell everyone I had updated my blog :)

    good luck with your roll call...

  2. What? Are you kidding? You can't think of this as meaningless. I have you in my favorites and check you out everyday just to see what you're writing. Blogging is a great way to keep in touch with friends. You know, since we never email or call, we can read blogs and comments. I guess I should have commented sooner.

    Keep blogging.

  3. I'm with Jon. I have greatly enjoyed your stories of praying mantis infestations, hefers, and tiny flies. I check your blog regularly, everytime you post something. I may not comment (I rarely comment on the blogs I read), but I am here and reading, glad to hear about your life since I, also, never call or write.

    Perhaps you should install a "statcounter" that will track who is visiting your site. It is good for the blog-ego (when someone visits, that is) and lets you know that you, Baron, Jon, your mom, and myself are not the only ones reading.

  4. dude, you should totally keep writing. youve only had this thing for what...a month now? i think its great and that you should keep truckin cause it doesnt have to be entertaining or anything like that. Its simply your thoughts and if anything, it should be because YOU want to do it, not because you think others read it. 'cause they do. I promise. I do it cause its theraputic to say whatever I want to say. And I think you're clever. (and hot-what??)

    -ashley mills - present!!!!

  5. Yo! Your blog is one that I check regularly. I'm just not very good at leaving comments. I'm kinda in the same boat. I don't get a lot of comments on my posts and wonder if I should just keep a personal journal instead of a public one. You will definitely start receiving comments from me. Keep writing. I enjoy your sense of humor!

  6. I enjoy keepping up with you two. We don't get to talk to often. So this is great. I'm proud of you two. Too bad y'all are 10.5 hours away. We are always listening.

    The Other DAD.

  7. Hey I found the secret to getting lots of people to read your blog. Go off about church junk. Yeah it is amazing how big the subculture is of "wanta be postmodern hip blogging people." So just occasionally write someting or in most of their cases copy and paste something about how postmodern of a thinker you are. Then enlighten us with all the new found wisdom you gained from the latest Brain McLaren book you read and you'll be good to go.

  8. I'm present and accounted for...I haven't been doing this too long to make many comments. But I do have to say that I have been entertained by your stories.

  9. Stumbled onto your blog today while bored and pressing that magical button at the top right "Next Blog" I've enjoyed your writing and have added you to my favorites and I'll be stopping by a lot in the future. Keep blogging, if for no other reason than it's somewhere to vent.

  10. Just lettin' you know that I've been here & I think it's great! You know I don't "do" this kinda stuff but of course I want to be the supportive mom!
    Luv U Bunches!!!!!

  11. Grr... I forget that you're over HERE now... I'll have to make it a better point to surf on over more!!

    yo sis...