Monday, September 18, 2006

thanks for the ride, honda

A couple of weeks ago, Baron's mom & stepdad gave us two free tickets to Six Flags. The catch was that they would expire on September 24th. So, we decided to go this past Saturday since we wouldn't be able to go on the 23rd. We got up early Saturday morning (which is a big deal for me) and left for Atlanta at about 7:00. We got there right on time - around 11:00 Eastern time - and, after finally remembering where we were SUPPOSED to exit the interstate for Six Flags, pulled up to the gate. To my horror, I read the following words on a sign at the entrance: PARK CLOSED FOR PRIVATE EVENT. "WHAT?! They're kidding, right?" were my words. We pulled up, and one of the employees standing outside asked us, "Are you with Honda?" Well, no, we weren't with Honda...we were in a Honda...does that count? So we were turned down at the gate. After driving 3 hours with my anticipation of finally getting to ride Goliath, and the excitement of the PERFECT weather on Saturday, we were rejected. So we drove to the nearest gas station to sit & think about what we were going to do now that we were in Atlanta. At that point, we remembered that our FREE tickets were going to expire in a week, so we turned back around to approach the Six Flags worker, who agreed to give us an extended date for our tickets. (I am appreciative; however, I would have liked a little more sympathy from the guy. I mean, we just drove 3 hours.) Anyway, so we met up with our good friend Jon Owen, who took us on a $5 tour of GACS (where he works), then we went to lunch and then later enjoyed an afternoon at the IKEA store. Thanks, Honda people, for closing Six Flags on the one day we decided to drive up there, when the thoughtful thing to do would be to rent out the park on a WEEKDAY when it's not so busy. Thanks.


  1. 6 flags is just lucky I didn't go Clark Griswold on 'em...

  2. Or Postal! I am sorry about the extreme disappointment after a long drive and all the anticipation. Sounds like you guys made the best of the situation. Good thinking to go back and get an extension. I am sure Jon was glad to see you--he must have been if the tour was only $5. Maybe you and Baron just needed 6 hours of alone time in the car.

  3. That would stink. Should have Griwold 'em.
    I remember one spring break Jamey and I and a group went to 6 flags in Dallas. We had already bought the tickets. It was GAY DAY. That was an experience. We now refer to 6 flags as 6 fags.

  4. "We" don't refer to it as that; Kenny does.

    I would be so frustrated, but at least you got to do some other things. And you get to look forward to another day at Six Flags!