Sunday, January 20, 2008


Since others are posting pics of the snow from yesterday, I guess I will do the same. We didn't get out & play in it, but I enjoyed watching it!

{our backyard}

{the cars}

{the deck}

{snow burrito on Baron's windshield}

{the neighbors' snowman - we were too lazy to make our own}

{Toby liked the snow!}


  1. Cool pics! Toby always looks like he is in charge. He seems to be thinking "Who put this white stuff all over my bathroom?"

  2. I had flashbacks to the day when we only had two dogs. We video taped them playing in the snow. They liked to make it turn yellow.

  3. Ha! I love the snow burrito!
    Taco, burrito, what's comin' outta your speedo? You got trouble! Woo! You're blowin' bubbles! Woo!

  4. Toby is the cutest! What a great pic... he looks like a professional rescue dog from high atop the snowy mountains :)