Monday, June 23, 2008

finally completed a project!

Baron was in Miami last week on a mission trip with the teenagers, and that left me with a lot of alone time. So, I decided to work on a project that was thought up about 2 months ago & was put on the back burner by a procrastinator known as yours truly.

When the tornado hit our house, it took with it the vinyl cover to our firepit that sits on the deck. We still had the mesh lid, but because the cover was gone, rain was collecting in the pit and causing rust. So, I decided it would be nice to make a table top that would a) keep the rain out of the pit, and b) provide a coffee table when we aren't using the firepit. A friend of ours, Patrick Reed, built the wooden table top, and we planned to install tiles left over from our kitchen flooring. I worked on this all week, and here are some pics of the finished product. I also bought some chairs to (finally) have something to sit on outside. Nothing fancy, but they were cheap. :-)

please ignore my almost-dead hibiscus tree in the background :-(


  1. very nice, laura! i like the chairs too! =)

  2. Nice work! The table looks great.

  3. I love how you found another use for the extra tiles. It looks really good.

  4. Very nice! Don't you love that feeling of an accomplished project?