Thursday, July 24, 2008

the ultimate trophy husband!

50 things I love about my husband:

1. The way he makes me laugh.
2. He ALWAYS opens the car door for me. (I don’t think he’ll ever know how much this means to me!)
3. He doesn’t pick fights.
4. How incredibly cute he is when he smiles.
5. He doesn’t talk bad about me to other people.
6. I don’t have a reason to talk bad about him to other people.
7. He is a spiritual leader at his job, to our friends, at our church, and in our home.
8. How disciplined he is about exercising. (Fortunately my blatant laziness doesn’t rub off on him!)
9. He tells me when I look nice.
10. Sometimes he makes the bed for me.
11. He doesn’t get mad when I pick on him for leaving his shoes out.
12. He does laundry & dishes without me asking him to.
13. We have the MOST fun doing our Celine Dion impersonations.
14. He handles our finances very responsibly.
15. He is an awesome example for me by the way he has lived his life.
16. He makes me want to be a better wife.
17. Teenagers look up to him. (And not just literally!)
18. Adults look up to him.
19. I am proud of the man he is because of what he has been through in his life, and I am VERY proud of the work he is doing at PCA.
20. He goes to Wal-Mart for me when I don’t feel like going. (Which turns out to be quite often…)
21. We get to have ice cream a lot because he loves it so much.
22. He cherishes his mother.
23. He has rediscovered a relationship with his father.
24. How he plays with children – he will make an amazing father!
25. When he goes out of town, he leaves me little notes to remind me that he loves me.
26. He respects me.
27. He is SUPER talented with his sports figures. Seriously – I am constantly impressed by his work! (And I get offended when customers don't show their appreciation - not naming any names!)
28. I am truly happy to be married to him.
29. His height. (that’s hottt)
30. He is super attractive.
31. How much fun we have when we go on trips together.
32. He cuts the grass.
33. If I ask him (nicely, of course) to do something for me, he is always willing to do it.
34. He is patient with me, even when I am moody.
35. He cares about other people.
36. He is a really good teacher, whether it’s at church or at school.
37. He lets me give him fashion advice.
38. When I told him I wanted to start trying to have a baby, he reluctantly agreed, but now he wants a baby just as much as I do. And even though he gets frustrated that we are struggling to get pregnant, he is WAY more patient than I am.
39. He makes really good tuna salad.
40. We have survived 3 hurricanes and a tornado together.
41. It makes me happy that I talked him into us getting a dog, and now Toby is Baron’s best friend.
42. He is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy.
43. My family loves him.
44. I love his family.
45. He is the most dependable person I know.
46. His “man room” at the house is finally presentable.
47. He helps me clean the house when I ask him to.
48. Steamroller!
49. He is physically strong.
50. He considers me a blessing after a really tough previous relationship, and he is open about telling other people what a blessing I am. I have done nothing to deserve him but we are absolutely perfect together!

{this list could go on & on, but I cut it short so as not to take too much of your time :-)}


  1. Wow! I knew he was great, but "makes good tuna salad"? That is off the charts! I love Baron too and am thrilled to see your marriage grow. I am very proud of both of you!

  2. I'm so glad you have found someone to "complete you." (Sorry..Jerry Maguire was on the other day and I was reminded of the cheesy, but nice line.)

  3. ok, now I have to explain to folks at school why I keep wiping my eyes :) Thanks babe! You have no idea how good that made me feel (or how loud that made me laugh). God knew what He was doing after all. I love you.

  4. ok, now i'm crying b/c of what Baron wrote. I pray that Mark and mine's marriage will be as strong as yours over the years. We look up to you and admire you two so much. I love you both!

  5. MAN, oh man!!! That's really awesome, as are both of you!!! I love you both very, very much!!! Mom

  6. #51: He sends me flowers at work.
    (Thanks for the flowers today, hon!)
    (And he sent those even before he read my blog post!)

  7. too strong...CAN'T...FIGHT...IT!!!!

    ahhhh. i made it.

    Laura, that was great. You two are perfect for each other. I'm happy for both of your happily ever after.

    There, I was nice. :)


    p.s. Seriously? You can be moody?

  8. Hi Laura! My name is April, a friend of Heather Blankinship's. I know this is completely random, but I wanted to contact you! I saw the comment you put on her new blog about the painting, "For this child I have prayed..." That painting was a gift from Heather for my precious baby boy's room. I wanted you to know that I, too, was once in your position where I was longing so desperately for a child. Seeing what you wrote just seemed all too familiar to me because I understand the pain completely. I cry every single time I look up at that canvas and thank God for my sweet Mason Thomas, our precious miracle. Our journey was long to bring him into this world, but I tried my darndest to stay strong and put ALL of my trust in Him! My story is in my blog, but I just wanted you to know that as your sister in Christ, I am praying that God will bring a perfect little baby into the lives of you and your husband very, very soon. I am not worthy of the beautiful child I brought into this world this past Mother's Day, but I also know that our God is great and works miracles, far greater than what we ever think we can achieve! it is my prayer that Heather will be painting a very similar canvas just for you! :)