Friday, August 15, 2008

what a baby!

IOC weighs action against Swedish wrestler
By the Associated Press

Posted Thursday, August 14, 2008 11:17 PM ET

BEIJING (AP) - A Swedish wrestler who dropped his bronze medal in disgust could face sanctions from the International Olympic Committee.

Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian throws his bronze medal to the mat in protest to the officiating in his semifinal match.

The IOC said Friday it had opened a disciplinary investigation into the actions of Ara Abrahamian, who lost to gold-medalist Andrea Minguzzi of Italy in the semifinals of the men's 84kg Greco-Roman event.

During the medal ceremony Abrahamian took the bronze from around his neck and, in disgust, dropped it on the mat as he walked away.

The disciplinary commission is looking into this," said an IOC spokeswoman, Emmanuelle Moreau. "They are in touch with the international federation to get all the facts."

Moreau said it was unclear what type of punishment Abrahamian could face.

Abrahamian had to be restrained from going after the matside officials following his loss to Minguzzi. He stormed away from the mixed zone where interviews are conducted and slammed a door to the dressing rooms so hard it shook an entire wall. He weighed whether to skip the bronze medal match, only to have friends talk him into competing.

"I wanted to take gold, so I consider this Olympics a failure," he said.

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  1. Amen! He is a big baby! I heard he called the official a "fatso" I don't think I have heard or used that word since I was in 3rd grade.

  2. Ummm... did he follow up the "fatso" with "fatty fatty two by four" or something?? That seems about on that same maturity level??

  3. He has probably been mad ever since his parents named him that.