Sunday, May 10, 2009

mom's day gifts

Yesterday I had plans to shop for my mom & Baron's mom in downtown Prattville for Mother's Day gifts. It was nearing 2:oo and we were still at some friends' {Mark & Michelle Thompson} house after eating lunch with them, their kids, and Baron's mom. At some point during the lunch conversation, Jane {Baron's mom} noticed a decorative tile that Michelle had on her counter. It was about 12x12 and it had a large cursive "T" painted on it. Jane really liked it, and I immediately thought about getting a tile for her & for my mom for Mother's Day. Then I thought, "I could so make one of those myself. And it would be cheaper. Hmmm." I told Baron about my idea, and when we left their house at about 3:00, I started working on the tiles. The tiles are so cheap that I got an extra to hopefully make one for us someday. :-) {P.S. Easels super cheap from Wal-Mart! Thanks, Better Homes & Gardens.} Here are the finished products:


  1. WOW!! That looks awesome. How did you do that? Did you free hand them?? Wow...I love it! Do share your secrets!!!!

  2. Oh, no, Brooke - no freehanding! I printed the letters & then cut them out to make stencils. :-)