Friday, September 04, 2009

mom jeans

Well, I'm not a mom yet, but I bought some mom jeans. I was deceived by the fact that they are from Old Navy. I have put on a couple of pounds in the past few months, and while I may not look bigger, my jeans/pants definitely fit smaller. So, while we were in Foley last weekend, I did the inevitable: jean shopping. I hate jean shopping. On the one hand, I am 29 years old. I want "hip" jeans. {Does it make me un-hip that I just said that?} But on the other hand, I am 29 years old. My metabolism is slowing, and the ultra-low-rise-super-skinny-mocha-latte jeans just don't work as well for me any more. So, there I stood, in Old Navy, about to begin the process.

Probelm #1: Leg length. I am 5' 4" so it's hard to find the right length. At Old Navy, they conveniently have short, regular, and long lengths. Which is great, if you're short, regular, or long. But I'm in-between short & regular. So I am either flooding or dragging. I prefer to drag, so I got the regular length. Problem #1 = not solved, but settled.

Problem #2: Choose your fit. Weekend, Diva, Sweetheart, Flirt, Dreamer. Sounds cute. Very confusing. Low rise, mid-rise, classic rise. Relaxed fit, slim fit, straight fit. Boot cut, skinny cut, trouser cut. I AM SO CONFUSED. Ok, let's try process of elimination: no relaxed cut. That means baggy, right? No thanks. I already have a pair of Diva jeans, and while they are flattering, they are like super low rise or something & I have a severe case of muffin top when I wear them. Finally, after researching all of the different fits, I narrowed it down to two: Sweetheart and Dreamer. Problem #2 = almost solved.

Problem #3: What size do I wear again? {I am not going to reveal my jean size, in an attempt to make people keep thinking I am skinnier than I really am. I probably wear a bigger size than you think.} First of all, the size varies depending on where you are shopping. JC Penney has different sizing than, say, American Eagle. At American Eagle I am apparently a heiffer. At JC Penney I feel skinny. Whatever. Old Navy stands nicely between the two, and I can buy a size that I feel comfortable purchasing without feeling too big or too small. So, I went up one size from the last pair I purchased here, since my too-tight jeans I last purchased are the reason I'm jean shopping to begin with. Problem #3 = solved.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of digging through stacks & stacks of jeans to find the right cut/size/length/shade of denim that I wanted, I find The Pair. And since this is an outlet store, and everything is 40% off, they are only $20. Score. I am so pumped to wear my new perfectly-fitting-except-for-the-length {which I will perpetually struggle with} jeans! I get home & wash them, in an attempt to shrink them a little in the leg/butt area {yeah they were a little droopy-drawered in the store, but my jeans ALWAYS shrink too much so I went slightly droopier than normal}. Wednesday night = church night. I love wearing new clothes, so I'm pumped about these new jeans. I put them on. What are these? Did I choose these jeans? THESE ARE MOM JEANS! I chose the Dreamer cut, which is a "classic rise". Which sounds mom-ish, but I don't remember them being so mom-ish in the store? What have I done? Stacy & Clinton would throw these in the garbage for sure. They come way too close to my belly button. Fortunately I am long-waisted so they don't actually touch my belly button, but still. This is very unusual for me. I have so much room in these jeans, I could run laps. I do NOT look like the model pictured in this ad for "The Dreamer" jeans.

But...they are comfortable. I don't have a muffin top. Maybe I can even get invited to a few play dates with these jeans. We shall see.


  1. LOL. Jean shopping is terrible.

  2. It probably seems at your age that you will eventually pass some age that "old people" clothes appeal to you and fit doesn't matter. If that is true, the age must be triple digits.

  3. ha ha ha! I loved this post! Jeans are sooo hard for me too. I don't think the majority of women's body types fit most jeans out there perfectly. I always have to make compromises with length and such.

    Right now, I'm contemplating the wearing of skinny jeans. For me, no matter how skinny I am, my thighs will always be huge. So, to wear skinny jeans or not to wear skinny jeans? I'd probably feel more comfortable in mom jeans though, huh?