Sunday, January 31, 2010

birthmother visit

I intended to post about our meeting with the birthmother as soon as we got back, but of course that didn't happen. :) I have been neglecting my blog lately, and it's hard to get back in the groove. Anyway, I wanted to write about how the trip went; partially for you all to read about it but mostly to document it for myself.

We traveled up to Greenville, South Carolina, on Friday afternoon {January 22nd}. We got to the adoption agency's office at about 6:15, and there we met the two social workers and our birthmother {hereafter referred to as protect her privacy, I won't use her name}. We all sat down together in the conference room and...well, just chatted. We talked about the weather {of course}, our drive up to SC, etc. Small talk. One of the social workers asked us a few questions that G had asked her previously. It was a little awkward - forced conversation usually is. And we were sitting around a conference table, so that's not really "comfortable". Anyway, after chatting for a little while, and being very indecisive about where to go for dinner, we finally left for the restaurant {Texas Roadhouse...which we have in Montgomery but hadn't had before...YUMMY, BTW}. G went to pick up her close friend, J {obviously not naming her either :)}, on the way to the restaurant.

Baron & I got to the restaurant first, and it was super crowded. We went outside to wait for a table, where we caught up with G & J. J, who has never met a stranger, made the situation a lot more comfortable. Baron & I are not very good at chit-chat/small talk/gab. J, on the other hand, is queen of the gab. In a good way. :) We were glad she was there to lighten the mood. Anyway, we enjoyed our dinner together, and talked about so many {G is a UGA fan - this is definitely meant to be! :)}; family; jobs; weather; the pregnancy; our lives; our pets; our hometowns; etc. It was great conversation, and it was not awkward one bit!

That night, we were blessed to be able to stay with some friends in Greenville - Patrick & Amanda (Palmer) Bowling. Amanda & I grew up together at church until her family moved to Atlanta. Patrick & Amanda have two adopted kids, so we enjoyed talking to them about their experiences, and asking advice for ourselves. Staying with them was WAY better than a hotel - great company, a super comfy bed, our own bathroom, and breakfast at IHOP. :)

After breakfast, we said our goodbyes to Patrick & Amanda, and then headed to Wal-Mart. We had planned to walk around downtown Greenville with G & J, and it was COLD. We were prepared to walk from indoors to the car in cold weather; not to walk around outside in cold weather. :) So we went on a mini shopping spree at the local Wal-Mart for some extra layering.

We headed to downtown Greenville, and followed the GPS to get as close to Starbucks {our meeting place} as possible to find a parking spot. There had just been a race of some sort downtown, and the runners were starting to clear out but the road was still blocked. We found a parking spot a couple of blocks from we thought. It seemed like we walked 2 miles from the car to Starbucks. Maybe it was just my improper shoe choice & the bitter wind that made it seem longer. :) Anyway, we finally got there & ordered our much-needed white chocolate mochas, and waited for G & J to arrive. They got there shortly, and we chatted some more. G gave us the first of several gifts that she wanted the baby to have: a book by a local author that takes kids on a search for little mouse statues down Main Street in Greenville.

We walked around downtown Greenville, admiring the beautiful work they've done there to develop the area. They have a great park around their river, and a suspension bridge that made us all a little nervous. :) We enjoyed walking & talking together, and just enjoying each other's company. It was! Who knew this would be a fun experience? :) We visited a small general store there that has old-fashioned toys, and admired the retro lunchboxes, tinker toys, Raggedy Ann dolls, wax lips, and bottled Cokes. After visiting the store, we grabbed lunch at a little pizzeria. There we sat & talked some more - preliminarily about our plans for when G goes into labor. Then we walked back toward the car & said our goodbyes.

We are so impressed with our birthmother. She is mature, responsible, smart, and loving. We are so fortunate to be able to have a relationship with her. She is excited to be able to bless us with a child, and I could not be more thankful for her incredible attitude. It is amazing to watch how God works out His plan in our lives!


  1. Laura, I am glad you are recording some of your thoughts on this journey. Your and Baron's story already is an amazing testimony of God working all things together for good. I fully expect it to become more amazing with time and others will be (and have already been) blessed by your experience and your attitude. It gives me great peace to see how God has brought so many things together at just the right time.

  2. So good to hear about your trip! I'm glad the experience was a good one!

  3. how fun! I'm relieved it went well for you, and that the chick with the gift of gab was there... lucky for you! Not everyone can be blessed with such an awesome gift, after all. ;) its sweet she is giving the baby gifts especially from her. It's neat how this is all coming together. we're all very excited for you!

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