Thursday, March 01, 2012

our most budget-friendly desk. EVER.

Hi y'all!

It's been awhile since I posted an update on our home office makeover. That would be because it's a very slooowwww process. See, when you don't have money to spend on a project, it tends to take its time completing. :-) We are far from finishing this room, but I couldn't WAIT to show y'all the desk! We were blessed to acquire an old desk from my employer that was once property of the State of Alabama, sold at auction. It was one of those that you piece together, ya know? I don't have a before picture, but it looked something like that would belong in this collection:

Picture an administrative assistant at a bank, or something of the like. :-) Which is fine, for an office, but I didn't want that fake-cherry-wood-super-gloss look in my house. So, we decided to paint it. Which sent up a red flag in my own head. Can you paint formica? Or whatever this stuff was? It's not real wood, that's for sure. And no, you can't paint it, for future reference. ;-) Actually, it probably is completely doable with the right primer, but obviously we didn't have that. So, we flipped the desk top over & painted the underneath side, which was just the particle board, or MDF, or whatever. {Clearly I know LOTS about these materials.} And, voila! Here it is!! It's not dressed yet, obviously, but I will get around to situating everything to make it all pretty. We are so happy with it!!

{why yes, that is an exercise ball chair. merry christmas to me! :-)}


  1. "fake-cherry-wood-super-gloss"... So THAT'S what my old office at Faulkner was!! LOL!! I know what you mean though... it's fine at a business... but in your home?? Enh... KUDOS to you and Baron on the re-do, nicely done!!

  2. Looks great! You are quite talented!