Friday, April 27, 2012

Natalie is TWO!!

So, a month ago, my kid turned two. And I forgot to tell y'all about it! Shame on me!! Here is a little synopsis of my little firecracker of a toddler:

  • She is not a super picky eater, but she won't eat just anything. She loves chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza, and macaroni & cheese. And of course, cookies. :-) Probably her biggest obsession though, is crackers. The girl would eat her weight in crackers! And speaking of weight...
  • At her 24-month checkup, she threw me for a loop when she went ballistic over being weighed & measured! I was expecting a fit when the time came for shots {which also happened, mind you}, but I did NOT expect her to go so crazy at the scales & ruler. It wasn't an easy checkup, but we did get shots & stats: 33" tall (25th percentile) and 26lb, 9oz (50th percentile). This seems backwards to me because all of her pants are either too short or too big around the waist!
  • She is a chatterbox! The girl LOVES to talk. Unless, of course, you ask her to "perform" by saying something. Then she clams up. Because she is also Miss Independent. :-) She will say a few short sentences: "No Mommy, not dat ah-sauce [applesauce] - dat one!" This week she has started saying "Wow! Awesome!" Which is funny, because neither her daddy nor her mommy say "awesome" very much. Just goes to show she will pick up on anything! So please watch your language around her, haha!
  • Mom's Day Out is still tons of fun for her! Most days she comes home with dirt in her hair, and in her shoes, and under her nails, and sometimes in her eyes.......
  • She loves to see babies out in public & go up & talk to them. She'll say, "Awww, baby!! Awwww, sweet." I think she will make a wonderful big sister!
  • Coloring, stickers, swinging, mimicking Mommy, playing with Izzie, being outside, going to "Mah-mama's house" and "Mimi's house"...these are a few of her favorite pastimes.
There is so much more I could say about her, because she is so full of personality. But she is waking up from her nap now, so I must go. :-) I will leave you with a few pictures from her birthday party & beyond.

Have a blessed day!


  1. She is a precious girl and the party was really hopping!

  2. She's so beautiful. Looks like a cute party. Boy, they grow so fast.