Wednesday, March 29, 2006

invasion of the tiny flies

So, we have these bugs in our office that are slowly taking over. At first we labeled them fruit flies, but that's not actually what they are. They are tiny black flies (or some other flying insect) that intrude every area of this office. I mean, how gross is that?? Do any of you have flies taking over your office? It's pretty nasty, and very annoying. I like to compare it to the infestation of mosquito hawks as accounted by Ashley Mills in several of her blog posts. The only difference is that I have never seen these bugs before. And now that I think about it, my office is the only place I have seen them since my discovery of them. In fact, I even got online & tried to find out what kind of bug it is, but I cannot find a record of this bug anywhere. I'm starting to think I've discovered a new breed of insect.

The most annoying thing about these bugs is their bravery. I've had one fly right into my eye before. Yesterday I had one on a piece of paper & I picked up the paper to shoo it off, and it held on! I shook that paper back & forth violently, only to look & see the bug still sitting there! I'm telling you - these things are forming their own communist revolution to take over the world. (As I am sitting here right now, one just flew right in front of my face.)

I know you all are eagerly anticipating a photograph of these incredible insects. I tried to take one with my co-worker's camera phone but it turned out blurry. Perhaps I will bring my camera tomorrow in order to permanently capture one of these lovely creatures.

Oh, if any of you would like to see this insect, just come visit me at my office. I have a fly trap with several specimen available for viewing.

(Ok, seriously - one just flew down my shirt. This is getting out of hand.)


  1. They think you're hot. just like me...

  2. Did John Coffey just cough something up around your office?

  3. LOL! Yeah, that's exactly what they look like!!

  4. Ahahahahaahahaha!!! They sound 'bout like the gnats in Doles?!