Tuesday, June 27, 2006

what REALLY satisfies?

Ok, if I asked you to tell me what you think is the most popular candy bar, what would you say? Would everyone agree with me that Snickers is probably the most popular candy bar? That is my opinion. Their motto says it all - Snickers really satisfies.

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Well, last week, I went upstairs to get a Snickers from our snack machine. Now, whenever I crave a candy bar, it is ALWAYS a Snickers. I am pretty sure I don't ever crave anything else in the candy bar genre. So anyway, I went upstairs, stood in front of the snack machine, and studied the selections. Reese's pieces (mmm...but not today), Reese's Fast Break (nah), Caramello (I mean, really?), Payday (hello - no chocolate?!), Reese's Fast Break (again?? who eats these?), Hershey's Kissables (again, good, but not today)...OMGAH, where are the SNICKERS?! Surely there are Snickers bars in here somewhere. So I studied my options some more. Can it be? Are there really no Snickers in this blasted snack machine?? My greatest fear (at least at the time, anyway) had come true. Not a single Snickers bar in sight. Now, what kind of snack machine company would omit the Snickers selection from the machine? What company is this, and who do I write a letter to??

So I got a stupid Reese's Fast Break (since they were obviously really pushing them, having them in two different slots) and went back downstairs. Stupid Reese's. It wasn't even good. Has anyone had the Reese's Fast Break? Maybe it was just this particular bar, but I thought it was gross. I was disappointed. Anyway, so a couple of days later one of my co-workers tells me that the snack machine company ("Fresh to You") was here reloading the machines, if I wanted to ask them about the Snickers bars. So I went upstairs to find two college-aged kids reloading. "Great," I thought, "these guys have nothing to do with the candy bar choices. They have been hired purely for their muscle." I asked anyway. Do you know what the guy told me? He said that they had a run-in with the Hershey's/M&Ms company because they raised their prices. He said they raised their prices so high that it wouldn't be worth it to put the products in the machines anymore. Apparently, it would have cost the consumers more to purchase the bar at the machine than it would at the check-out line at Winn-Dixie. (Of course, at this point I am thinking, "Aren't ALL of these products priced more than at the check-out line at Winn-Dixie?")

So I guess Fresh to You was only looking out for me. Protecting me from The Man. I suppose if there had been a Snickers bar in the machine, even if it was priced $2, I probably would have wasted my money on it. So thank you, Mr. Fresh to You snack machine loader, for saving me a buck.

(Update: I have now purchased a Snickers bar from my local Winn-Dixie, and I plan to enjoy it this very afternoon.)


  1. well said, well said. Snickers is by far the king of candy bars...long live the Snickers

  2. While Snicker's is king, I do think that a Fast Break can be a good option when there are no Snicker's. And Caramello? Psh. What a waste of ingredient and wrapper.

    Laura, I thank you for sharing. Obviously what we have is just another conspiracy propagated by "The Man" to keep a brother (or sister) down. If you turn those M&M's upside down you get W&W. In other words, Whitey and Whitey. Sounds like they got something against chocolate to me.

    Visit your local Sam's and get a BIG OLE box of Snicker's. If you hide them from your co-workers well, they will always be there. Or better yet, sell to your co-workers.

    Happy snacking.

  3. That's my girl! Snickers--breakfast of champions! Why, many backpackers have traversed miles and miles of the Appalachian Trail loaded with a sleeping bag, water filter, and a week's supply of Snickers. Yep, all the major food groups are in there. Continue to stand by your convictions. Lightweights like Fast Break and Caramello can't carry you to the next meal--they certainly can't BE your next meal!

  4. although snickers can be quite satisfying, i am obviously alone in believing carmamellos are good. (you and jon owen are teaming against me). my favorite, however, is still the twix. they did give us a snickers bar, however, on trek, and it was the best tasting candy bar i have ever put in my mouth. although, that might be because of the day i had been through...

  5. Oh yeah...Twix are awesome! They run a VERY close second to Snickers. Still though, no Twix in the machine upstairs.

  6. ok fresh to you sounds like that consignment shop...new to you. like theyre consignment candy bars, but for all you know, they are new to you! so enjoy the stale leftovers from windixie!! muahahaha. ps. yeah I would have TOTALLY paid 2 bucks for a snickers. have you ever noticed how the bite sized ones are just the right size? the perfect morsel in every bite? hmmm i need to go buy some

  7. Ever tried those Take 5 things? Not really a candy bar but still pretty good...just a suggestion, although I agree...Snickers are hands down favorites of mine.

  8. I have tried Take 5 & I love them! They're kinda crumbly, though. But yummy.

  9. aggg those take fives are just too good! now i want one!