Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As I sit here in my warm, cozy, comfortable home, it's hard for me to believe that one year ago this house was unliveable. After a year, you tend to forget emotions that come about because of a traumatic event, but today I've tried to think back to the events that unfolded the day the tornado ripped through Prattville and damaged our home. {Click here to read my post about it.} Being here in the house when it hit was literally the scariest moment of my life. The thoughts that ran through my mind during the 30-45 seconds that it took for the storm to blow through ranged from "what is happening?" to "I'm going to die." I know that sounds dramatic, but the fear of death literally went through my mind. It's so hard to believe that at this time last year, my house looked like this {minus the light, since the power was still out at this time}:

{so much glass...EVERYWHERE...}

{these pictures don't do the mess justice. it was just such a MESS.}

Growing up in the south, we have always had thunderstorms & severe weather & tornado warnings. I never really got scared before. After all, what were the odds that a tornado would actually hit my house? Well, after it happened, I now have a healthy fear of severe weather. {Ok, so maybe in the few weeks right after the tornado hit, it was more of a paranoia, but now I think it's a healthy fear.} And I am just so thankful that God protected the people in this city the day that storm hit. Baron & I were VERY blessed to only have "minor" damage to our house. {"Minor" is a relative term...it seemed major to us until we saw other people's houses.}

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to check the batteries in my weather radio, as Rich Thomas has just informed me of some severe weather in the area later tonight. ;-)


  1. That's really scary! I thought about this post tonight while the tornado sirens were going off. I definitely understand your paranoia, er, I mean, healthy fear.

  2. Hard to believe it was a year ago...
    As a sidebar, I had already retired the other night when the sirens started. Brett woke me up to tell me I had to go downstairs, where I promptly went to sleep on the floor in the hallway until he woke me up again to tell me it was safe to go back upstairs... :)

  3. I missed you guys at dinner Wednesday night, but certainly understand.

  4. yeah I thought about you the night it got bad. Jamin and I kept waking up, because Im scared I will have to grab the kids and get in thebathtub. that big tree in our back yard is scary, too, because im scared itwill come crashing through our house. ugh. I would be traumatized as well. glad you guys were okay!