Tuesday, February 10, 2009


You may have already seen this, but I just recently saw it online & I wanted to share. This is a pro-life commercial that apparently was supposed to air during the Super Bowl but NBC changed its mind. Check it out:

{On a side note, apparently the ultrasound technician at my doc's office doesn't exactly have the authority to change my due date, so the due date is back to the original: 9/11. That should be easy for folks to remember. :-)}


  1. That's Ray's birthday...9/11. Don't worry...we still celebrate, although I don't think he did before he met me.

  2. That's pretty powerful. I hate they didn't air it.
    The due date is just a guess anyway. Baby will come when he/she wants to. And then we'll all celebrate!

  3. The video is good food for thought. By the time we reach the dog days of September you would kill for delivery three days earlier.