Tuesday, April 07, 2009

extreme makeover: doghouse edition

Toby needed a new dog house. We don't have a covered porch, or any trees, so Toby's only shelter is his dog house. The one we had originally purchased did NOT keep the rain out. Toby was usually dry, but his "bedding" got wet every time it rained. I finally BEGGED Baron to let us buy a new one, even though all of the ones we found that would fit our needs were expensive. We finally decided on one that was perfect. Well...almost perfect. It was this hideous bright gold-yellow. They called it "Tuscan" style to make it sound good. I couldn't leave it that color, because our house is on a hill, and Toby's doghouse sits on the deck, so all of the neighborhood can see our deck...you get the picture. So, we decided to paint it...to match our house. Yep, we're dorks. {Actually, we really did that because we just happened to have the paint left over from when our house was painted when it was built.} So, Toby's dog house got a makeover! Dogs all over the neighborhood are envious.




  1. Toby is a very lucky dog. It is good to be king.

  2. Very lovely. He even has a little front porch. Cute.

  3. That's one of the nicest dog houses I've ever seen. You should hang a little flower pot on his cute porch!