Monday, July 26, 2010

the Natalie diaries - part 4: the hospital.

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Around lunchtime on Tuesday, March 23, Baron's mom and my parents got to our rental house in Greenville. Obviously they were oozing with excitement & about to jump out of their skin to see Natalie. :) Baron & I ate some lunch and then headed to the hospital, and the grandparents followed us shortly. Their first view of Natalie was through the nursery window as we visited with her. Fortunately, the nursery at the hospital there had a private room {read: closet} set aside that they called the "bonding room". That was where Baron & I did most of our snuggling with Natalie on her first day in this world. We also got to take the grandparents into the room one at a time to hold her.

{holding my daughter for the first time!}

{Baron holding Natalie for the first time}

{Natalie and Granmama (Baron's mom)}

{Natalie and Mimi (my mom)}

{Natalie and Paparoxy (my dad)}

The rest of that day is sort of a blur. We changed, fed, and held Natalie, but all of that took place in the nursery/bonding room. That night we headed back to the house for some much-needed rest.

On Wednesday, we started visiting Georgia in her hospital room, with Natalie. It was awesome to be able to visit with Natalie's birthmother, with Natalie there too. No more tiny bonding room for us; we visited & relaxed in Georgia's room instead. The grandparents were thrilled to be able to meet Georgia too; and the feeling was mutual. We were all like family there in that tiny hospital room. It was an experience I'll never forget! Thankfully we got lots of pictures. :) Georgia's cousin Kelley was especially fond of Natalie. Natalie has several gifts from her Aunt Kelley that she will treasure.

The days spent in the hospital were kind of a blur to us. They all seemed to run together. Georgia's release day was set to be Friday, which meant that was also the day she would sign the relinquishment papers, giving custody of Natalie to me & Baron. That Friday was an emotional day. We were bringing home this tiny life, who we would forever be responsible for here on this earth; we were excited to be able to have Natalie in a more relaxed environment; we were in the midst of leaving our rental house for another one for the second portion of our stay; and we were anxiously awaiting the signing of "The Papers". There was a lot going on this day. I remember the butterflies in my stomach. I remember the mix of emotions in the hospital room while Aunt Kelley fed Natalie for the last time. I remember the overwhelming sense of gratitude I felt for Georgia, who selflessly chose a different mother to raise her child. I remember how strange it felt to hear that Georgia's hospital bracelet for Natalie would be cut once she signed the papers, which would no longer allow her to visit with Natalie alone in her room. And I remember walking Natalie down the hallway from Georgia's room, and breaking down in tears because I felt as if I were taking this woman's child from her. It truly was an emotional time, but overall, so incredible. It was an amazing experience that I will definitely never forget!

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  1. That's beautiful!!! It made me cry!!!

  2. Walking away with your gift is so much harder than most people will ever know. Birthmothers sacrifice so much for their child to have a better life!