Saturday, July 03, 2010

anyone out there?

Does anyone still read my blog? Doubtful. Sorry I've been neglecting you. It's just easier to post short snippets & pics on facebook than blogger. So, if you're on facebook & you're friends with me, check out all my pics of Natalie over there. If you're on facebook & you're not friends with me, shame on you! :) Friend request me. If I know you, congratulations. If I don't...sorry, no offense but I don't befriend strangers. :) Anyway here are just a few pics of Natalie to show how much she's grown in her short 3 months of life! {Also, I promise to eventually finish writing "The Natalie Diaries". No, really. I will.}

{2 weeks}

{4 weeks}

{6 weeks}

{8 weeks}

{9 weeks, with new cousin Izzie}

{3 months...Daddy's tickling me!}


  1. Still reading... Natalie is super fabulous! Her smile is going to melt (and probably break a few) hearts.

  2. I'm still reading. But I totally understand the time constraints with FB + blogging, so don't feel any pressure from me to post more often! :)

  3. She is so precious! I am so glad you are so good about updating pictures of her on FB! I am enjoying watching her grow up! What a blessing she is!