Friday, July 21, 2006

a new era

Well, folks. After a week of mourning, I have taken the plunge. I started a new rubber band ball. I guess I won't ever see my old one again. It hurts me to say that, because I was with my old ball for approximately 6 years. Sad. Anyway, I will move on from this subject so that I can blog about bigger & better things. I am so sad, but I have to move on. Thank you all for your support during this troubling time in my life. [sniff, sniff]


  1. i am so sorry, mrs sharkman. if those silly girl scouts sold thin mints year round like they should, you could endulge in some thin mints, while watching a full season of FRIENDS! but alas, the girl scouts are so dissappointing...

  2. hahahahaha! Lauren! thats hilarious. If thats the case, and we could get our hands on some thin mints and friends episodes, count me in on the mourning party. I am glad you have turned over a new leaf in your life. this one will be bigger and betta than eva.