Thursday, August 24, 2006

bowler's cheek

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At work, some of us participate in a Lunch & Bowl league. We partner up & go bowling during lunch on Thursdays, competing with several other teams for a 16-week period. Our office decided to take a break during the summer, and we just started up our fall league today. We also have to come up with a team name, & my partner & I were struggling to think of something witty to call ourselves. Baron, of course, wanted us to use our name from last season, which he thought of himself. Da Pins. Get it? It sounds like Depends? Adult diapers? But it's like "the pins" in bowling pins? Ok since we couldn't think of another team name - after voiding "Goins Bowling" (sorry Chad) & Nancy Drew (my partner's name is Nancy) - we went with our default. We shall be Da Pins once again.

So we went to the bowling alley around 11:30. First of all, if you haven't been to Woodmere lately, they have totally redone the inside. It looks SO GREAT. I know it's dorky for me to be so excited about the redecoration of a bowling alley, but seriously - it is nice. They've gotten all new tables & chairs, new keypads for entering bowlers' names, etc., and new monitors with cool cartoon characters that act out your strikes, spares, etc. It's pretty cool. So anyway, we got everything situated & started bowling. Now, I took bowling as a P.E. elective at Faulkner, so I know the "proper" steps to take when approaching the lane. I don't do them exactly as they were taught, but I do know that when you get to the line to release your ball, you are supposed to be in a position that looks like you are almost sitting in an invisible chair. In case you have never tried this, it's a little toilsome on your thigh muscles. It will make your butt cheek, hip muscles, and quads burn. My co-workers like to call it "bowler's cheek". Usually it sets in the day after you bowl for the first time in awhile. Well...forget the next day. It's here. Bowler's cheek has set in. I would be in big trouble right now if for some reason I had to use a public restroom that was so nasty that I had to "hover" (ladies - you know what I mean), because I don't know if my quads would hold me up.

Anyway, all in all it was a good bowling day. The first week sets our handicaps, so you don't want to do too well because then your handicap will be really low, and you'd have to keep your standard throughout the whole season. Needless to say, I didn't have to worry about bowling too well. I did somehow manage to break 100 on both games, though. (Maybe I'd be a better bowler if I had my own shoes & ball...hint, hint...) So, we'll see how the rest of the season goes. If you're ever at Woodmere & think about it, you can check out my stats in the big binder on the front desk. Just look for the team name...Da Pins.


  1. yeah woodmere's looking good. i went there at the beginning of the summer as a "let's go bowling instead of going to see a movie... again" trip with some of my pals. and faulkner offers bowling as a PE elective... um. wow. that's creative!

  2. WOW! I took lots of Phys. ed. classes, including bowling and Lifetime Fitness, but never heard of "bowler's cheek". Apparently you really can learn something every day. I miss bowling with you and really appreciate the chance to do that even if for only one season. Have fun!

  3. My dad was the best partner I ever had! (sob, sob...) No but seriously, he was. Dad, you could probably be a professional bowler. And photographer. :-)

  4. Jamey and I need to go bowling with you sometime. I took the football players at ACA to bowl and the coaches all whipped them. BTW: I'd love to where bowling shoes all the time. Good looks and the ability to run and slide...nice

  5. I am glad to avoid the "Da Pins" moniker. Some folks love to lump all us white-haired guys in the same depends group. "I'm younger than my body gives me credit for."