Wednesday, August 09, 2006

talkin bout my generation

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So at Vaughn Park, we are planning to start a new Sunday morning class this fall for the folks in my "stage in life". In case you don't know what stage that is, it is those who are about to get married, or have recently been married, or who have been married a few years and still don't have kids, or have been married a few years and just have one kid...ok so perhaps I don't quite know how to describe the group. Basically, it includes those of us who are just starting a family. Whether we have just gotten married or have just had a kid, we are in the early stages of beginning our families. So, having said all that, I need your help. We are trying to come up with a name for our group. We want to accurately describe the group without excluding anyone. Thanks to Ross for suggesting the "We've Only Just Begunners". (BTW, Ross will be teaching the class in the fall, and hopefully the class will be a good start for our new small group.) Suggestions please??


  1. The old folks always like to call themselves "Young at Heart". Why not call yourselves, "Young in Body"? A kind of a stick-it-to-ya to the old-timers.

    Other suggestions:
    The Young'uns
    The Mortgage Payers
    Ross' Kids
    The Birth Controllers
    No Singles Aloud
    Vaughn Park V.I.P.s (Very Indebted People; or Very Intelligent People; or Vivacious, Independent, and Promising; or Vocal about our Intimacy Problems)
    Mike and Libby Rogers are our Heroes Group
    Young Families who Love Jesus
    Young Tithers
    Heterogeneous Young Families Group
    Children of the 80s
    Families Built on the Rock
    Family Matters

    Or, you could just pick a really cool letter of the alphabet to name yourselves after. Something like, O, P, or Q.

  2. HAPPY HEARTS!!! oh wait, that has already been taken by the olduns. i sort of like ross's idea.

  3. I'm not EVEN going there!!!!

  4. Well, it would seem that Travis covered all the bases. NOT REALLY! After reading some of the comments I am inclined to suggest "People entering middle-age who don't realize it and are still making fun of people at the other end of that stage" but that is not very catchy. You want something short so folks will actually use it, like "Friends Class". EVERYBODY you described will relate to the Friends TV show, it is catchy and inviting. And when you invite someone you can add as much description as you need to include them. I am concerned you will cut into my class demographic, though. Therefore, I encourage you to go with my first suggestion.

  5. Though I made many very helpful suggestions, I must say that I can't get the Carpenters out of my head after reading Ross' original suggestion. Perhaps it is not the Carpenters in my head at all, but the very voice of God prompting me to tell you that "We've Only Just Begunners" is the title for your new class.

    The Friends suggestion would be good as well. I can imagine people trying out for the "Joey," "Rachel," and "Gunter" of the group. Actually, from what I know of the VP people in this demographic, I have a few suggestions for these roles, but I’ll keep them to myself. Of course, the consequence-free sex, self-serving attitudes, and general immorality portrayed in the show would have to be left out.

  6. hahaha! rosstafarians! hahaha! I am behind on all the blogging...but your giant x scares me. lets call it the millsgoinswhittingtonbryans group. what???? that wasnt narcsissitic at all....

  7. If you want a rip off name, our name in Huntsville for the same type of group was Homebuilders.

    I don't think that qualifies as plagiarism.

  8. haha! did you take down "the post" because there was too much ruckus in the office??

  9. Wow! I appreciate all the suggestions for our new class! I was deeply moved by the "rosstafarians" suggestion. (I cried for nearly two seconds!) After careful consideration ("how can I find a title that won't tick anybody off")I have decided on a hyphenated name. We will be...drum roll please...the Home Builders-Only Just Begunners. Is that okay?

  10. Yes, Ashley, I took down "the post". Just trying to avoid any misunderstanding.

    Ross, I'm glad you enjoyed the "Rosstafarians". :-)

  11. darn it. i wanted to stir the pot a little more since peeps tried to freak out on you. it was your chance to stick it to them all...then tell them you're preggers. what???

  12. ps i dont think ive just begunners my marriage. neither have brett and judy fo real. they have been married like ten years. or erich and allena. five. hmmmm. not sure just begunners really suits us.

  13. how about the lowder new homes cult? ok ill stop now.

  14. What? Sorry, Laura, you can never have children. All babies wake up EARLY!

  15. I think by "We've Only Just Begunners", Ross meant beginning different stages of life. Some have just gotten married, some have just had kids, some have just begun a new life in a new town, can apply it to all of our situations. Whatever everyone's opinion is, we need a name by Wednesday night. Which would be tomorrow. We need more idears!

  16. Wow! This comment is not about the class but about the title of this post. For a solid week now I randomly find myself singing "Talkin bout my generation". I don't remember many of the other words but can't forget those now.