Wednesday, August 04, 2010

awesome new diaper bag

Recently, I was contacted by CSN Stores to do another product review. This time I chose to order a diaper bag, and it took me FOREVER to choose which one I wanted. I am SO happy with my choice! I got the Kalencom Medallion Midi Coated Diaper Bag, and I love it!! It's smaller than my other bag, so it's easier to carry around. I did have to reorganize my contents (yes, I'm THAT person who keeps my bag in order) but it's totally worth it. It also came with a changing pad & a small diaper/wipes bag (staples in the diaper bag, if you ask me!). I'm starting to really love the yellow/gray/white color scheme. I'd love to redo a room in my house inspired by this bag!

The ordering process was simple, and I got my bag in the mail in just a few days! I highly recommend shopping over at CSN Stores for just about anything you need!


  1. So, I was just catching up on your blog, and I thought I'd share a link with you. Cause if you're into the yellow/gray combo, you should def. check out this room makeover. Granted it is for a kid's room, but you might could get some good ideas. I personally love it!

  2. Ooh, I love that room! That is too cute! And I do love the colors. Thanks for sharing!!