Sunday, August 08, 2010

flea market finds: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Yesterday I managed to get the hubs to watch the baby for the afternoon so that I could do some errand-running {ok, SHOPPING :)} sans baby. I hadn't been to my fave local flea market in awhile, so I made that one of my stops. Since I had the luxury of taking my time, I decided to snag some pics of some of the, well, interesting things you might find in a flea market. And of course I also had to take some pics of some of my fave things.

{These pics were taken with my phone, so obviously they’re not that great. And I’m sure the other customers in the store were wondering what in the world I was doing, taking pics of all the merchandise…they were probably all, "This ain't no museum! Make a purchase, lady!"}

So here's your virtual flea market shopping trip...

This made me sad. This gorgeous antique vanity had been poory refinished.

Bad '80s furniture makeovers run rampant. Hey, at least it matches the rug.

I have no idea what's going on with this stand, but it made me smile. And I'm pretty sure you have to say it like "Breakfast with FAHTHA."

No, this isn't for sale. It's one of the 4 sinks in the disgustingly-creepy-unisex-no ventilation-always smells like poo-bathroom at the flea market. I didn't dare take a pic of anything else in there, lest you all vomit on your computers. The bad part is, I had to pee TWICE while I was there. Seriously Dot, makeover the bathroom already! The whole thing is original to the circa 1952 department store that the flea market was originally. I'll admit it right here - I didn't wash my hands. I'm pretty sure they would have been germier if I had. Thank you, hand sanitizer.

I love this old radio!

This pencil sharpener is similar to one we had when I was growing up.

Vintage jewelry? Yes please! {ooohhh, shiny....}

I'm really diggin' this old globe. I may have to go back & purchase it.

There were several old metal fans. This wasn't my fave, but I love the look of these. If only they had all been turned was hot as blazes in there!

Uhhh...creeptastic. I know it's all, vintage-y & junk, but yikes. Apparently this one is super old though cause her price tag was a whopping $115. {But she is looking RIGHT AT ME. Nightmares much?}

This old desk is fabulous. I wonder what its history is.

The pattern on this Corning coffee pot is adorable! I almost bought this, and then I thought, "but what would I do with it?" I need a bigger house so I can buy all this stuff. :)

If you want to buy these coasters, don't. They are $15 for a set of 4. I make similar coasters, only cuter, and they're $10 for a set of 4 or $15 for a set of 6. Hopefully the vendor of this booth isn't reading my blog. :)

I seriously almost bought this clock. Baron laughed at me when I told him that. It's so cute! The only reason I didn't is because it doesn't light up or glow in the dark so it would be impractical for my bedroom. Good story.

...and then I saw this clock. How fun & retro is this? Very Brady Bunch-ish.

Lots of old cameras. And there were LOTS more in this booth.

This is a German calendar. I took a pic because my husband was born in Germany, so he's practically German. Even though he's not. Anyway I then noticed the skull at the top of the calendar. Those creepy Germans.


Ok, seriously. Old baby bottles = kinda cool. Black/cracked/smooshed bottle nipples = NOT COOL. This freaks me out every time I see it. I almost want to buy them & then throw them away just so I don't have to see them in this booth every time I'm there.

Old books are always awesome.

The tag on this one said "vintage bird print made with seashells." Ok folks, you can't just slap "vintage" on something & it's automatically cool. These birds had FEATHERS. and the branches are made of SHELLS. No.

"Hey, how should we makeover this wicker bench? I know - let's tile the top of it!" FAIL.


  1. I just so loved this post. You and I are kindred spirits with our flea market shopping! And, I SO agree with your commenting on the photos - have you ever wanted to go to the Antiques Roadshow? :)

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  3. I am with the German Baron on the red and white clock=funny. But I am with you on the globe. I think I may need it for an office soon. I wonder how many current countries are missing?

  4. i love love love flea markets. And the clock is too cute. I am always entertained by the terrible things that I find. Sadly, my hubby usually wants to buy them. :)