Saturday, August 14, 2010

I need help!

Sometimes I get the hankerin' to change up a nook in the house, but I don't have any money to buy new stuff. Generally that means two things: 1) moving stuff around that I already have, and 2) spray paint. This happened yesterday with our entry table. I decided it was just too blah, or maybe I was just bored with it, so I started tinkering. This table previously housed most of our family pics. Instead of scattering them all over the living room/dining room/entry/hallway, I put them all together on this one table, underneath the obligatory Olan Mills church directory photo of me & Baron, taken right after our honeymoon so we're all tan & junk. {I refused to take this pic down for the past almost-6-years because I look so tan & skinny. Livin' the glory days much?}

{helloooo, awkwardly placed light switch, outlet, & A/C closet...}

Well, I decided I wanted to brighten it up, and also get rid of some of the pics of just me & Baron. After all, we pretty much look the same in all the pics, with the exception of my ever-changing hairstyles, and my gradual decrease in golden tan as I quit going to the tanning bed. Anyway, I replaced some of the pics with prints, and I spray painted some of the frames white to brighten things up.

I also used some scrapbook paper & Mod Podge to brighten up this shadow box that houses some roses that Baron gave me while we were dating:
Anyway, here is the entry table now, but I'm not happy with it. Sometimes I get stuck when I'm changing things up, especially with arranging tables (and the mantle too, for that matter). It just looks awkward. So...suggestions? Anyone? Be honest!

{BTW, there is a print in that frame on the's just really light.
My camera does not take good pics indoors. :( }


  1. Have you thought about putting some decorative books under your lamp to give it some just looks eaten up by that one picture frame. Other than that looks great. I really love the bottom! Leslie in STL

  2. When I look at your "tablescape", I see too many "square" shapes on the table top. Maybe something round, like a tall vase mixed in would be nice. And I like the other reader's suggestion about a stack of books to lift the lamp up a bit. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.


  3. See what you think about swapping the pics and books... pics on bottom, books on top?? Miss Priss will get to whatever's there before too long, but you've got some time to enjoy it and come up with a way to change it again??

    And I'm with Mitzi... the top needs some height or different shapes...

  4. Okay. Here's what I would do:

    1. paint the table!
    2. Take the things down on the wall and switch it out with one large piece. Take all that stuff off and shop your house...starting with less and add a little at a time...Like the first comment...too many square shapes. Lose some of the frames, and put the book ends on each end of the books. move the flowers to the outside or somewhere else.
    3. I like the sconce, with the bottles...that's fun..but maybe on a skinny sliver of a wall...not over the table.
    maybe even move the books to the top, and find a vase for the bottom. I would say that's not gonna last long with natalie...but train em while they're young! buy a shock collar. WHAT??? kidding.
    that's what I would do. ;)