Tuesday, August 03, 2010

major faux pas.

So, on March 7th our awesome church held a baby shower for us, and I think we got a kazillion gifts. Seriously though, our church family is incredible, and we got so much stuff! This shower was 5 weeks before Natalie's due date, which leaves plenty of time to write thank-you notes. Theoretically. Turns out, Natalie was born 3 weeks early. Fortunately for us, we had about a week's notice that she would likely be born early; unfortunately, we were not ready. So the last week before her birth, I was running around trying to get the nursery ready, get gifts put away, etc. If you've had a baby, you know what I mean...only you probably had a little more time than a week to do this. :) Anyway...with all that, of course the thank-you notes didn't get finished before she was born. I started them while we were in South Carolina waiting to bring Natalie home.

Then...mommyhood sunk in. How is it that someone so small can demand so much of your time? I continued to work on the thank-you notes, but it sure was slow going. And this brings me to my major faux pas. At some point I pushed the "thank-you note writing setup" aside while cleaning up. And for me, something like this leads to "out of sight, out of mind". I totally forgot to finish them!! Oh my goodness, my child just turned 4 months old & I haven't finished writing my thank-you notes. If you are reading this, and you got us a gift but haven't received a thank-you note, I am SO SORRY! We truly are so grateful for all of the gifts we have received. At this point, I want to write the notes but I'm so embarrassed that they're so late. {I mean, can I just send these people messages on facebook or something? Geez.} At any rate, hopefully I'm not the only person in the world who has been THIS late to write thank-you notes. {Right? Someone humor me & just LIE and say you did the same thing...}

A word of advice for you expecting mothers: don't wait until after the baby is born to write your thank-you notes! And also...don't put them out of your sight or you'll forget about them!

P.S. Why am I blogging? I should be working on those notes RIGHT NOW. Geeeeezzzz.


  1. I had 3 showers before McKenna was born...2 were a month or two before she was due and the other was a few weeks before. I wrote thank you notes for the earlier showers, but once McKenna was here I just used some of her birth announcements and wrote thank you notes on the back of them. It made my life easier!

    I'm sure that many parents understand the HUGE responsibilty a new baby brings, so they will understand!

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  3. You know, my church ladies held a massive baby shower for us and were extremely generous. I spent a lot of time writing thank you's and then when I went to hand them out, I had several ladies say, "This is great but, we didn't throw you a large shower so you would have to kill yourself writing thank you notes!" In other words, they didn't give because they wanted to be recognized. They understood that being pregnant and having a baby takes a lot of time and energy. While thank you notes are certainly a nice gesture to acknowledge someone's generosity and thoughtfulness, it would seem that those who get upset because they don't receive a thank you note aren't really giving to you for the right reason. Don't lose sleep over it.
    I actually had a similar scenario with my wedding thank-yous... only I was years behind :)

  4. Haha, Laura...we won't talk about how long it took me to do our wedding thank-yous!! :)

  5. Well, ahem, I'm ashamed to say that I procrastinated on my wedding thank-yous so long that I decided not to send them at all because I was too embarrassed! I figured more people wouldn't notice if I didn't send them, rather than sending them almost at our one year anniversary mark and potentially having a lot of older ladies scold me at church.

  6. I am going through that same thought process right now! I'm so embarrassed that I'm hoping people have just forgotten, and I'm afraid a note now would just remind them! :)