Tuesday, August 10, 2010

revamp: generic florist vases

Over the years, my lovely husband has sent me many a flower arrangement. I LOVE getting flowers, and I hinted/flat out told him to send me flowers for special occasions. Anyway, I've collected lots of the clear generic florist vases, and I have a small tidbit of a hoarding tendency in me, so I've kept them all. Well, awhile back I saw this centerpiece project idea on HGTV's Trash to Treasure, so I decided to try it out - and I love the outcome! It's been awhile since I did this project, but I wanted to do a post about it just for fun.

I started off with the plain glass vases, and simply spray painted them - some in the robin's egg color & some in white. On the bigger vases, I was able to spray paint the inside, keeping the "glassy" look on the vase. On the smaller vases, I painted the outside and then used a high-gloss topcoat to maintain the look of glass. Simple, cheap, easy!

Maybe someday I will put something in them... :)

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  1. You are too sweet! I just spent the last few minutes around your blog and was so touched by your posts. You're inspiring!

  2. This is great! I too have kept the vases that I've received flowers in over the past 35 years and actually donated many of them to our local senior center for when they have parties. For those that I kept, I'm going to try this. Love this idea...you are so creative!