Sunday, August 15, 2010

take 2.

Almost there with the entry table. Not quite, but better. I feel like the color scheme isn't right...we'll see. I always have to set things up & then walk away for awhile & think about it more. This area is hard for me because it opens up to two different rooms with two different color schemes going on, so I'm trying to marry the two rooms with this area. And without spending any money. ;)

Thanks for all of the input! Still open to suggestions!

P.S. I take horrible pics of my house. I'm not even sure why the edge of the table is cut off. Also, in real life, the candlesticks & flowers are NOT the same color as the wall. And why does this pic look so yellow? Whatev.


  1. oooo much better! still think you should paint that table. ;)

  2. I totally agree! I've never really been happy with the color of that table. I stripped it & stained it years ago, and the stain wasn't dark enough but I was so DONE with it that I just left it alone anyway. It's like honey-colored & that's one of my least favorite wood tones. Color suggestions? I was thinking maybe something in the gray family?

  3. I like the art...the color is pretty! Looks really good.